Latin Help, Anyone?

Alright, I'll post something new and save your eyes getting burned out by my porno tattoo.

I'd really love to get some Latin help so I'm not making any major mistakes in the year end shirt… Here's a rough picture, and I'll translate below what I think I'm saying (and yes, I know I'm mixing Greek and Latin in a few of the substance names — feel free to correct it).

Hic Mentis and Mutatis de Homo Modificatus
     The Mind and Mutations of [new species] [Homo Modificatus]

1. Polytetrafluoroethylene tergum auxilium
     Teflon Skin Elevators (ie. subdermal implants)
2. Lacuna prudentia
     The Hole of Wisdom (ie. trepanation)
3. Adfero “”
     BME Staff
4. Perduco beryl-chromium perduxi tergum
     Device for transporting emerald through the skin (ie. transdermal implant)
5. Septus lacuna “ASTM f138” ferrum
     Surgical stainless steel septum hole
6. .75 sactimonia aurum
     .75 purity gold (ie. 18k gold)
7. Labrum diospyrus ebenum
     Ebony labret
8. Uvulum ornatus de Columbium
     Niobium uvula jewelry
9. Collum Manaccanite
     Titanium neck
10. Polyamide ligamen
     Nylon strand
11. Apparatus traditum “RFID” penitus borosilicate
     “RFID” transmission device inside Pyrex

So yeah… any help is appreciated. Feel free to offer improved, alternate, or totally different translations. I make no claim to be any sort of an expert…

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I haven't made any decisions on the color, or suplementary designs, or anything like that… Just the main theme. So who knows how it changes before the end…

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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