More Winter Swimming Photos

First, some pictures (by Saira) of Roo and my swim yesterday… There were some folks kayaking as well because it was such a nice day. I know that some of you are coming out for Polar Bear Club dips in Toronto and Ottawa, but consider joining us regularly… It's extremely good for your health and spirits.

I've been thinking so much about Paleolithic man (and man from earlier timeperiods in general), and creating a way of living and exercising that builds the body and mind that would dominate in that era… There are so many things that “lesser” animals can do — even simple stuff like run or otherwise exert oneself all day long — that modern humans are incapable of. I am convinced that the process of losing this connectivity to our bodies is deeply connected to the process of losing our connectivity to our planet.

If you want a story illustrating that modern humans are decaying, even in terms of how far we've fallen in the last few hundred years let alone ten thousand, take a look at the English longbow. It's a beautiful and incredibly powerful weapon, but there are probably less than a dozen people on the planet who can fire them at full range, because modern humans just don't have the lean, dense musculature required to use such an elegant yet still high energy weapon (let alone the dedication and skill).

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