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diabolus in musica

Because Rachel is spending Christmas with her mother and Nefarious, we did ChristPresentmas today. First, check out the awesome present that Rachel gave me — I know you're either laughing at me or jealous! It's a BC Rich Beast:

I painted Rachel a painting of her and Nefarious that's huge (and the first painting I've built a frame for — it had to be able to be crated/packed so she could get it to her place). I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's really big (a bit over eight feet tall), and so is the zoomed in picture:

I've been painting a lot more lately…

Phil and I also have another 5,000 images or something ready for posting, so I'll try and get that and the previous 8,000+ image update fixed in the next 24 hours… I have to sort out what caused the problem in the first place (I'm pretty sure I know).

I think of myself as more of a radical

You know, it's probably not that hard to get a book written about you that cites you as a force of evil… Although… while I have been in literally thousands of books and magazines and so far in my life, this is probably the first time where I've really been outed as an a branch of Satan's armies. Sheesh, first I get outed as gay*, now as evil*. Anyway, the picture below is the cover of the book, and, thanks to the author's signature inscription (100% legit), it's totally one of my favorite possessions!

* Falsely.

Anyway, I've got to draw up a “corruption disguised as freedom” t-shirt or something.

Midnight Solstice Swim

Cherry Beach, Toronto.


Come swim in a Canadian Lake in the middle of the longest night of the year under a moonless sky to celebrate the moment we pass through the birth of the new year. Feel free to do so in drag if you'd like — that was part of our noon swim today.

And if you show up drunk, do NOT swim. It is dangerous and stupid if you're drunk.

Surgery and Swimming Update

So I met with my surgeon today and will be having some sort of assessment/orientation at the start of January, and then a few days later a minor surgery (but under a general). Then I guess they decide whether I have problematic cancer (which isn't so much dangerous; it's more that it requires that more of my leg gets cut off) or just a big fucked up piece of bone they can trim down without damaging my leg. I'm glad it's coming along so quickly, but I'm still sore from the physical exam today… The doctor had to feel it out by hand as well as seeing the scans and there are a few spots around it where the tissue is in relatively constant agony and I definitely don't like it being pushed on!!!

On to more pleasant news. First of all, the noon Solstice swim is totally a go, and I just got off the phone with the police who've told me that there are no legal issues with the midnight swim! So that should be pretty awesome. Cherry Beach is where we're swimming, link to the club below.

Oh, and since there was some concern over e-coli levels — Cherry Beach, while the cleanest Toronto beach, did have elevated levels at the start of September when the last readings were done — I think it's highly unlikely that the levels are still high simply on statistical grounds given the history of the beach, and I chatted with the folks from the Polar Bear Club about it and they pointed out as well that in water below five degrees the microbes become inactive anyway. So don't stress that!

Can a rendering error be antisemitic?

It's supposed to say “jewelry“. I am honestly not in the business of writing about baby rat jews.