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Auto-time tweak

OK, this won't affect many people, but right now, the date of your entries is retrieved via Javascript from your (local) computer. It still does that, but now, once you've entered a title for your entry, it will no longer change it. This is more useful for me I think than anyone else (I need it when I'm posting multiple future entries for ModBlog), but since it's a slight functionality change I thought I should mention it.

“Putting the 'Odd' in 'Bod Mod' since 1994

Other than that I've been doodling out ideas for the end of year shirt (and a shirt isn't the only prize; I'm just waiting for a callback from the manufacturer on the other half) and doing tons of work — I have ModBlog nearly ready until the end of the year (because I'd like a little time off over the holidays). Roo and I are heading out for rubber shoes today, I have a surgeon appointment in the morning, and then it's off to shoot a TV promo.

PS. Tomorrow BME enters its thirteenth year of online publishing!

Why yes, we have business cards

If you swim with us or are otherwise involved and supportive, grab some cards from me next time you see me so we can get a broader range of people involved (these are for giving out on the street). I love it when things snowball. Anyway, I have I think three more things on today's “to do” list, so off and at it…

That URL isn't up and running yet but it's registered and I'll move the site there shortly.


Since Global News contacted us (which was a surprise), I figured I ought to toss up a website. I've been talking to people I meet in the street about it and getting pretty positive response, so I'm going to print up some business cards for all of us to give out so we can get a broader range of people coming too.

Like the logo?

Toronto Winter Swimming Club

We did it! We went for a couple of swims today, December 3, 2006 at Cherry Beach, Lake Ontario. It was very refreshing and just a great experience all around that's absolutely worth repeating (anyone who wants to swim — we want to swim in the first snowstorm of the year — just get in touch with us). The water temperature was a very pleasant five degrees or so. Here's some photos that Amanda took of those of us who swim — me, Saira, Angela, Roo, Blair, and Allana!

PS. Do not laugh at me about that sideshot picture of me. Oh, and if you're wondering why I have a shirt on, it's because Nefarious came along and obviously I don't show her my tattoo.

(Original forum unavailable, sorry)*

Five hours left to chicken out.

I think most people are meeting at my house, but for those that want directions and meet us there around three PM, Cherry Beach is at the bottom of Cherry Street — take the Lakeshore West and exit onto Cherry Street and just keep driving straight until you hit the lake. Be sure that you bring warm clothes to wear over your swimming gear before and after as well as towels, shoes you can wear in the water, a warm hat that you may want to wear while you swim, and whatever else you need.

Quick info links:

We have swimmers (me, Roo, Blair, and Saira are all confirmed with a few others like Phil, the lucky bastard with a sauna in his building, on the potential list), and thanks to those driving support vehicles (Jon, Amanda, and Angela). It's about freezing today, so it's on the threshhold of what's a pleasant winter swim and what's a gitmo doppelganger.

I couldn't find a picture from Cherry Beach other than this one from a photoset that Jerome shot of Rachel and I (that's her old Porsche, not the same camo one that I have now).