Absentee Ballot

OK, just quickly: I am working on the year end numbers, don't worry. Every year I organize it a little differently… I expect to post it all some time tomorrow along with the year's first update. Sorry it's taking longer than expected, I'm having a little trouble with my energy levels.

Other than that tease…

One of my doctor's other patients had some five-alarm biopsy result so my Monday surgery got bumped back a week (or that's what I've been told so far) because they're doing emergency surgery on this other person the day I was scheduled for my first procedure. It sort of sucks because I really just want to get this tumor out and be done with it and find out what it's like not to be in pain all the time… but I'm sure things suck a lot worse for the dude that bumped me out of my spot, so I'm definitely not complaining!

I went winter swimming with Daniel (my trainer at the gym) yesterday… Everyone else that I've swam with is tattooed and to the best of my knowledge have not had a pain response to the water — it's my theory that if you're tattooed, you've learned to deal with low level pain — but for that reason or some other, his pain response was intense… I think it's because he wasn't accepting the pain, but instead trying to fight it. When you jump into cold water, you have a false pain response for the first 30-120 seconds (although it goes away completely with regular swimming). Daniel stuck it out for about a minute and a half (with submersion as well), which is actually longer than we stayed in the first time so I thought that was quite good… And it's always fun bringing new people out as well.

Edit: From Allana via Roo:

Kindly remind shannon that I am NOT tattooed….. other than having Tom drill through my face with a needle for five minutes I've not had any notably intense or painful occurrences, including accidents, stitches, or medical procedures. Theorize that! Yarrrr!

OK, Allana is just tougher than the rest of us.

We're swimming again tomorrow afternoon if anyone's feeling up to it — I know Roo and Allana are coming, and they're likely more reliably online than me right now, so drop one of them a line if you'd like to join us. Honestly, it's really one of the few things that consistently makes me feel better and gets my spirits up… I can not recommend it highly enough.

Let's see what else… I was transferring money between my bank accounts so I could pay Phil, and the banks messed up and each one thinks they don't have the money, so now there's an investigation into which bank actually took it (my theory: HSBC, who appear to have serious bugs in their online banking system). I'm sure they'll have fun investing the money until they're found out.

Oh, and I bought my first ever vaccuum. How sad a comment on my cleanliness is that?

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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