Stucco or steel?

So my landlords paid I think around $300k for the house I live in. It was brand new when they bought it and is I think about three years old, and already every house in the subdivision is falling apart. For me, I keep looking at all these steel pre-fab/bolt-together farm buildings as an alternative to earthships and other methods that appeal to me… they cost almost nothing and I could dump a bunch of insulated ones on a nice rural property and finish it off with scrap windows and so on, and do it for a small enough amount of money that I could probably do it without a mortgage.

Anyway, I know most people care as much about how their house looks (so for example, this building here is covered in external columns and so on that are just thin stucco'd plywood — not just useless, but design features that will actually speed up the decay of the house), rather than investing themselves in making sure that it's warm, comfortable, and will protect them for a lifetime… Oh, and yes, I know that greenhouse in my drawing would collapse under the snow. I was just doodling while I was taking a break.

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