Need more weight…

I've written about it a bit here before, but since about six months after I left Mexico my weight started to drop. I think I was about 225 pounds or so during BMEfest 2006 for example, and by the time I started going to the gym I'd dropped to 195 pounds because of difficulty eating enough. I think the (not totally accurate) measurements at the time put me at 26% body fat which is just inside “obese”. Now I'm at just under 13% (at 175 pounds), which puts me just inside “underweight”. I'm not so happy with either (I feel very uncomfortable below 200 pounds in general), although I'm totally thrilled with feeling healthier and fitter.

Jon (who does most of the cooking here) has done wonders keeping my intake as high and worthwhile/healthy as possible, and hopefully when all this tumor junk is dealt with I'll have my appetite back. Other than that, the nerves are starting to grow back into the damaged tissue from the second magnetic implant removal procedure, so my left ring finger is ubersensitive! Oh, and I'm not peeing blood any more, yay, and just finished getting my kidneys ultrasounded.

More to that story, but I'm off to pick someone [small] up from school.

OH, and if you haven't already recommended a piercer, check out the entry about that a few entries down from this one. I really appreciate all the recommendations (and volunteering) so far and this is going to be a very difficult call.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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