Per Mors Mortis, Adfero Anima

So last night I'm watching Jeopardy with Saira and Jon. It's interesting to watch the different ways that male and female minds are wired, and what they can instantly catch. Within a fraction of a second of it appearing on the screen below, Saira starts screaming LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! LOOK WHAT IT SAYS!

There's a typo on the first word if you don't see it. Anyway, what's funny is that within a fraction of a second of contestant Kelly appearing on the screen, Jon shouts out I could fit my cock AND balls in her mouth — and she really did have an unusually large mouth.

Anyway… I was thinking about a better way to commit military mass murder.

Here's my plan for what US foreign policy should be.

The US should arm itself with tens of thousands of UAVs and missiles, enough to be capable of laying ruin via firestorm to an entire country border to border with the push of a button. No worrying about collatoral damage — if war really is needed, then let it be decisive and historically permanent. So everyone and everything dies.

But as the offending country is being bombed, along with the bombs are dropped ceramic “seedbombs” containing inside them a multitude of seeds for weeds, trees, vegetables, fungal spores, soil bacteria, and so on. As the cities and landscape smouldered and rotted, water would begin seeping into the shells, causing them to expand and split, spreading their seeds and seeing them sprout. Small scavengers and insects from surrounding areas and unbombed pockets would join the fresh ecosystem.

So push a button and the Genesis Weapon reduces your enemy to a catastrophic wasteland, and then over then next decade replaces their territory with lush farmland ready for you to claim as your own. Yeah, ok, so there's a small issue of pollution. Yeah, ok, so it's sort of monstrous. Yeah, ok, so it's a total ripoff from Star Trek II.

zoom if you want

But I have writer's block (I have to get a column for a print magazine finished for, well, yesterday) so I doodled it while I was working on other things. I also have three canvasses that I have to decide what sort of triptych I'm going to do on them but that's a project for another day…

Well, time to get to work.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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