You asked for it!

Sorry I've been offline — I made the mistake of seeing if the dual boot on my Ubuntu laptop (to XP) worked. Well, XP loaded just fine, but somehow in the process destroyed the boot sector and both OSs along with it. But it's back now (as a Windows machine for the time being) and I'm back at work. Big image update last night, and I'm putting together experiences right now, and ModBlog's been updated, and tomorrow I'll be able to do the form for the year end award addresses and all that.

I finally got a call late afternoon today from my surgeon because I've been concerned as to what's normal, what's not, and so on (seriously folks, the body piercing industry's knowlege in terms of its accessibility to clients as aftercare sheets, in depth explanations online and offline, and so on, is vastly superior to what I've experienced in all sectors of the medical community other than maybe mental health and addiction centres) — as much as I appreciate the mini-sadhu experience of going a week without straightening your leg, I'd rather not do that right now. Anyway, I described the various things I'm experiencing to my doctor and he said they were all within the range of normal but he was a little concerned that I wasn't walking fully and thought rehab might be required.

I told him I didn't want rehab because I prefer DIY solutions — I just wanted his permission to do stretches and otherwise be active (because no one had told me where to draw the line pain-wise — I don't know if it's perfectly acceptable to do a stretch on a muscle that's been cut through and is thus painful to fully extend). He told me I had to wait until after I see him next week for the followup before I actually go back to the gym proper, but that until then I was welcome to stretch and exercise the leg, and shouldn't worry unless there are either signs of infection (which there are not) or constant elevated pain (not really — the only really painful thing right now is this sort of phantom nerve thing that happens up my shin if I do any sideways motions with my knee).

So yeah, I hate just lying around, computer or not, so I'm pretty glad to have permission to hurt myself a bit. Definitely I'd rather be sore than bored. And as I understand my genetic code, attacking Larratts with cancer tends to make them stronger and crazier rather than weaker and more submissive to the darker twists of luck. Other than that, I have an idea for a BME shirt that I'm going to draw up in about half an hour while the experience update is building.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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