Want a "free" painting?

Note: I don't mean the one in this entry.

I'm working on a new painting with Nefarious… Just a quickie to cover up an old canvas. She draw three spiders, one mean one (the one with lots of eyes), a nice but upset one, and a baby one. I asked her to give the mean one horns, and I just dropped the main background tone in. I think the rest of this particular painting is fairly obvious. It's like the three spiders/suns of the apocalypse or something.

I desperately need someone to do an all CSS/XML/DHTML frontpage for BME as well as a gallery redesign (evolution would be a better term probably) — basically a lightbox style gallery (so when you click a picture, it pops up at full size, and then that box would have a subbox allowing one to submit corrections, etc.). If anyone thinks they have the time and talent to tackle this, email me some links to your work at snowrail@gmail.com. I can't pay unfortunately, but I would be happy to trade for a painting by me (not by me and Nefarious, just to be clear). Art for art, right?

Other than that, my DIY rehab on my leg (basically doing stretches all the time) seems to be working because I'm within about 5° of what the joint/muscle used to be able to do. I can't decide whether the feeling of adjusting the muscle back to its original length of motion is painful or relieving… I think it's a bit of both, like the first few times you do yoga or something.

My main barometer for everything has been the appearance of the wound in general. These are my first staples I think, and they seem to have healed quite wonderfully. I don't think it's seeped or bled at all since the day I left the hospital, and there's never been redness, heat or anything. I'm really just counting the days until my next appointment — I can't wait to get back to the gym.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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