I drink liquor out of a cat dish too

This drink looks deadly — 2750mg taurine, 686mg D-Ribose, and 343mg Caffeine and a whack of vitamins. I can't imagine it's that healthy. I drink these things in part because I basically don't sleep unless I'm on painkillers (last night I took one of my last two codeines, which are just enough to get me about six to eight hours of catch-up sleep)… But really the reason I wanted to post this is that I think it's brilliant packaging and cross-marketing.

Anyway, maybe that stupid funeral home got told by the city they have to stop parking (illegally, I presume) their hearse on a snow route and during rush hour, so when I drove past them today, they just had pylons out in the street “claiming” the spots. Oh, and to put it into context, they do have a massive parking lot in the back, so this is not required or anything.

If I'm not letting 3' snowbanks stop me, I'm not letting pylons stop me. So yeah, they're out a few pylons now. I'm actually getting curious about it now, and might call the city and find out of funeral homes have religious exemptions from parking codes or something. If not, I'm going to demand that either they start towing their vehicles, or I get a $150 refund for when they towed me for parking in essentially the same spot. I don't care that they have more money than me, and I don't care that they have more corpses in their basement than I do.

Other than that, Nik's Celtic Colnel is doing the blog rounds

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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