Monthly Archives: February 2007

Ack! My house is falling apart!

Ack! I'm drowning in milk!

UFC wikipedia humor

This was on the entry for Cro Cop on Wikipedia last night right before the fight. It got corrected almost immediately, but if you know who Mirkov is or watched the fight, you'll appreciate the (adolescent) humor. Zoom in if you want.

I've been thinking about a new way of sketching for painting… The way I treat painting with Nefarious is I basically use her as a “channeling medium” that allows me to access the visions of childhood — she brings them out of the ether, and I help explain them. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about automatic writing and cut up technique, and how ideas from them could be combined in order to facilitate conscious acts of creation by channeling the subconscious in a way that it can be captured.

This house is continuing to fall apart — new major fissures have formed on the walls. I think I may give notice in a month or two because I don't want to face any accusations that any of the problems are my fault. Maybe I'll start keeping my eyes open for a big cheap studio space (and if I find the right space, it would have enough room to let me work on cars, or Jon could build a boat in it)… I desperately need a space for bigger and more ambitious art. I'm starting to feel confident enough about the quality of what I'm creating to start working toward a show.


OK, a medical update… I got my staples taken out (I kind of wish I'd just done it myself), and I guess everything is alright in terms of what's happened so far. My main surgery is tentatively in March, although it's still going to be a week before I have the final results that let me know whether it's a dangerous core of malignant cells, or whether it's just a basically big hunk of bone. The preliminary results, as expect, suggest the latter. If I remember right, the doctor said I probably tore the muscle, a hematoma formed which went through a process of ossification and eventually attached itself to the tibia as a big bone tumor. That's good because it means that it can just be cut off without having to cut away part of the tibia, so I'll be nearly as mobile after that surgery as I was after this last one.

The paintings below are my first two attempts at making my own frames. The one leaning against the wall was done using that L-shaped framing board (cut/glued by me though), and the one leaning against the easel is just two by fours cut to size with corner braces to hold it all together.

I haven't decided yet what to paint on the giant canvas… I have an idea about doing a painting of Godzilla shaking his fists in anger as he is beaten in a game of street chess by a laughing King Ghidorah, with Gamera crying in the background, and both Mothra and Battra flying above them. Oh, and the game of chess will be in a fool's mate position. But maybe that would be a stupid painting, I don't know.

I'll have to sketch it out…