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The ModBlog move is happening today, so the way it's going to work is that in about an hour I'm going to turn off the comment system, swap the DNS, and then when you see comments return (and new posts), you'll know you're on the new system. There shouldn't be any inaccessible downtime.

…and if you don't know what “Eu.” means (photo: jusn)…


I wrote a couple entries but they don't make any sense. I'm in way too much pain to be very coherent right now. I need to find friends that get up really, really early, because I hate always canceling supper plans because I know I'm just going to be in a bad mood because I'm spending all my energy managing the discomfort (so I really appreciated it when I saw some old friends for brunch yesterday).

Anyway, sorry about the brief downtime here; some RAM failed in the image fileserver. I'm gonna go lie down now. If anyone wants to test the theory that sex doubles pain detection threshholds and tolerances, I'll be in the bathtub. Oh wait, only Phil is here right now… Better cancel that idea or Kelly will get mad. Maybe I'll track someone down in dreamtime.

A neighborly observation

I discovered today that I can repeatedly fire a .22 in my garage and my neighbors don't seem to care, or I'll say, if they do, they don't call the police at least. Note: before you call the police, I'm talking about a power hammer (like the ones that use a shell to propel a nail instead of a bullet), not a gun. Anyway, I'm going for a walk with a ruler and then eating supper with Saira and Michael…

Going places

Saira, Roo, and I went for another walk up the tracks today since it's the weekend (and warm) and we figured that reduces trespassing charge likelihood, as if that's something that would happen in these neglected parts of town. Anyway, the main goal had been to climb up and get a better look at those pipes, so that's the first picture I'll post.

Ten points for anyone who can recognize my shirt in this kinda haggard looking shot. One of the windows on the far side of that building (that's the Viceroy Rubber Factory) had a bulbous window, all deformed from heat or something and discoloured from who-knows-what.

We walked through a graffiti graveyard (as in funerary art). I took this picture just before we got there… Part of me feels like just switching to outdoor art like this but I think I'm probably more into billboard defacement than graffiti. I've been told that many of the billboards in Toronto have been placed illegally, and that the charges that can be laid in the case of altering them are extremely minimal.

Anyway, I've been thinking about hanging an art show, but I sort of want to hang it somewhere unannounced, difficult to find, enigmatic, and potentially in a location that won't be discovered for years. Roo and I busted into the basement of this old place… it was sort of funny because we had to partially remove a window frame (it was already busted up) to get in, but when we finished exploring we found a much easier entrance on the other side (but it's in an actively used lot, so we hadn't seen it earlier).

I'm not even kidding. I'm really inspired about the idea of hanging shows in abandoned factories that won't be found for years, seen only by homeless people seeking shelter, animals, and eventually a wrecking crew… I can already see the whole show in my head, every painting… I just have to make it real.

Well, I'm going to prep an update now… It should get posted later today.

Paintings posted

A couple people asked me to so I posted a gallery of various paitings from the last decade or two (some of it is from highschool!). This is probably about 1/4 of what I've painted in that time period, if that. It's not the best or the worst — it's really just what I could find a photo of. I don't even have a picture of the painting below… It got thrown out during one of the last moves — it was of a couple of giant manatees.

Anyway, if you're an IAM member you can click the picture below (the picture is from, I think 2004) if you're interested in the gallery. If you're not, sorry…

I really need to figure out what to do with all of them…