Monthly Archives: March 2007

Three so far!

So far today there have been three power blackouts that I know of since midnight, the most recent a few minutes ago. It's funny, because last night when Phil was on his way home, I'm like, “we should make a habit of saving everything before you go home, just in case there's a power blackout” since we sometimes leave work running and then just restart it in the morning. Everything was saved yesterday, so nothing was lost!

Don't lecture me about a UPS, it's on today's list. My old one blew up.

And seriously, to the various anonymous people who send me postcards around the world with little notes on them, I can not express to you how happy I am to get them… It really brightens my day a lot.

Anyway, update later today, and another new interview (the indestructible man was quietly posted yesterday) will go up either today or tomorrow as well (most likely an interview with the Constant Elevation suspension group).

As… you… wish……


It still needs a topcoat and a frame, but I think this big painting is done. I don't even know where I can put it because I don't have any free walls, at least not ones that are that big. Maybe I will save it for the right pretty girl — as if you can seduce people with mysterious beasts, haha. That said, portraits never seem to work, so who knows, maybe kaiju are the silver bullet. Anyway, I misplaced my new camera so I can't post a decent picture with any depth until I find it.

I think I gave everyone in the house brain damage by mixing up the wrong paint combination (I've been experimenting with including automotive paint in the mix, and that stuff is toxic — I moved everything I could into the garage but it still stinks a bit). Phil asked me if I was mixing mustard gas when he came downstairs… Note to CSIS: it's just paint, not a WMD.

I'm feeling pretty messed up from five days on five hours of sleep, so I don't know if I'm going to make it tonight, but speaking of art, Blair's latest show of paintings is opening today at Grapefruit Moon (968 Bathurst, just north of Bloor). The opening is from 8PM until 11:30PM if you'd like to go for some drinks, and the show will be up all month. But go tonight if you can, because tonight is the fun night!

I wish I could find my camera because I'd post a shot of it, but I think my body may be rejecting the red ink in my latest tattoo! It's the first time I've had any reaction to anything so I'm not 100% sure yet… it could also just be that the healing is being affected by my health.

My cellphone takes bad pictures, sorry

You know, if I was an American I'd find headlines like the oft-repeated “is America ready for a black president” and so on extremely offensive… It's insulting, because it implies that America is so racist and backwards that the average person can't see beyond the color of someone's skin. Of course, with the black community insisting that he's not really black on account of his American family being slaveowners rather than slaves, who knows.

And if I was a dog or a cat, I'd be very creeped out by these chocolate animals. They're really disturbing, especially their bizarro eyes and real cloth handkerchief. If I was a child and I was forced to eat this I would be very upset I think.

Other than that I cut off my hair.

I think it makes me look a little deranged, but I'm not sure, on account of actually being deranged.

Everything is nicer underwater

This reminded me of Ashes and Snow in a way…

Anyway, time to go hop on a subway to get to a medical appointment. I did get some sleep last night, maybe three hours, but I am definitely not safe to be driving a car right now after five days and about as many hours asleep! I can't even walk around without bumping into stuff, and I just broke today's BME update so I'm going to have to fix that later (luckily this time I noticed before uploading it, rather than after!). So yeah, I don't really feel like running anyone over accidentally.