Pain is a good sign in this case

So I think that I might be getting sensation back in my leg because every time I take a step, it feels like I'm slamming my foot down into the ground hard enough to rip the flesh off my leg… Sort of like a deep internal bruise being hit really hard. It's weird because I still can't feel anything in the skin, but there's a creeping agony in behind the skin that I think is probably a good sign in general.

It's funny — getting this new computer has actually made me feel quite a bit better too. Because I have about “three good hours” a day where I'm really thinking clearly, it's really really nice being able to use that time effectively. I think I was getting really depressed because I'd think of things I wanted to work on, and by the time I had access to a machine I could do it on, my pain levels would have caught up to me and I couldn't do it. And even though I'm probably in just as much pain if not more, it's a lot easier to deal with if you don't also have to worry about how debilitating it is.

That said, it's still tough keeping up! I have so many things I've told so many people I'd do for them that have been delayed too long… So hopefully my “feeling better” kick keeps going! Well, time to get Nefarious from school, then finish today's update, do a little painting, have sushi, and watch Survivor.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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