Monthly Archives: April 2007

Mail Call

I love getting mail!

…but how wrong (but how flattering) the person who sent this card is.

I think I'm pretty much the definition of “not cool”, ha. I think it's just that right now the kind of weird that I've always been is at least a little bit in fashion. I do know a lot of cool people though, and I think that people may think I am cooler than I am because of association. Unless that's a comment about smoking pot. In which case I do set the bar very high.

Drugs aren't cool though.

Winter hats on the other hand?

It's no secret that I'm fond of them. Hats and piercings.

Other than that, I also got this card. Methinks the cartoonist may read BME/HARD.

Anyway, I'm going to cut out a stencil, check on the build of the new computer that's happening right now, do a little more work, and go to bed… There's a nice storm going on right now. There was even a brief power outage (thank god I finally got a couple of UPS boxes this month). Rain is my favorite weather I think.

Kavadi Interview

I really like the Kavadi interview that Ego Kornus posted this morning.

Other than that I tried to do some experiments scanning paint and ink splashes on my ultra-cheap scanner. It doesn't have the resolution though to get a good enough scan for a splash to be usable though so I'm not wasting any more time on that. So I just turned it over and scanned the carpet. I assume that the “scratches” are artifacts of the scanning process (vibration artifacts maybe).

Might as well jump

You know, it's funny, I'm (that tattoo will be finished in two weeks!), and all sorts of other things that most people probably find unpleasant, to say nothing of things like amputations… I think though that because I live in such a personal bubble in terms of what's “normal” and what's not, I may find other fetishes funnier than they really are?

It's funny how much stomping porn is out there… I met a guy at the gym the other day that wanted to start a yoga porn site. I think that would probably be better than stomping porn, but maybe I'm just saying that because I have a broken rib right now. Sadly, it is self-inflicted.

YouTube porn in general is so funny.

Townhouses Suck

My sister (HAVE YOU WATCHED AND RANKED HER MOVIE YET?) has been posting all sorts of amazing pictures from our childhood to her blog/website, and it's been an interesting — and somewhat difficult — experience. My favorite place that I've lived as an adult is Tweed, but when I look at these old pictures of the farm I grew up on, which I have only fleeting memories of, it brings me to the edge of tears at how beautiful it was and how sad I am that everything that was built there is lost to needless conflict… But at the same time, incredibly grateful that I had that wonderful childhood.

Still, I need to get back there; to a place like that, and more so, to a life like that. And I think a lot of people feel the same way; this gut knowledge that we're living wrong and there's a better life just around the corner… And I need Nefarious to experience that gift as well. Anyway, the full sized pictures are on Ashleigh's site but here are a few of my favorites.


It's also hard for me to see these photos because it reminds me that there must be so many beautiful moments that I've experienced but can never remember. I don't know if experiencing something without remembering it gives the moment, the instant that you're feeling it in, a greater purity or not… I think it might. Anyway, back to the farm life, I know that's a dream I keep trying to kickstart over and over both on my own and with others, and so far it's been unsuccessful, but I really want to give it another shot because I really believe that's where I'm happiest.

Rainy day

Various pictures from around my neighborhood, around Sunnyside beach…