Monthly Archives: April 2007

Photos by Jerome Abramovitch

I currently have four prints by Jerome (Chapter9Photography) hanging in my house. One of them (the one that's top left in the photos below) is of Lukas Zpira and is a beautiful photo that's a few years old (so it predates many of his body modifications). That print is currently up in a photo lottery on Jerome's page — for $10 you can get a 1 in 25 chance of winning that print.

Anyway, visit Jerome's page to enter.

Auction complete

Sorry for posting these a little behind; I just got them back from the printing place this afternoon.

Paper Bag Records vs. Debian

So today was Nefarious's birthday and I got her a CD boombox thing and some CDs to start with. One of them was See you on the moon (on Toronto based Paper Bag Records), a compilation of kid's songs done by various indie artists. I showed Jon ( and he's like, “Hey, they ripped off the Debian logo”. I didn't believe him at first, but he's totally right — it's exact. I think they should have at least put in a credit in the liner notes but they didn't…

The message clarifies

This is fun…
Click to flip them… Soon I will know the whole message!

Kid Koala

Before school Nefarious and I were watching Kid Koala videos. Her review and main comment on them was, “why is this music so lonely?”

Other tracks we watched that are worth checking out:

Литовский язык глу&#1087

So I'm at the grocery store and there's a Russian guy (well, someone with a thick, Russian-esque accent anyway) talking on the phone to someone who's giving him advice on beans… He's trying to figure out whether then “green beans” that he's supposed to get are literally something called “green beans”, or whether any bean that is green will work. Eventually he gets frustrated.

“Look, I don't care. I don't want a lesson about beans. Just tell me which ones to get. I care about this less than I care about learning Lithuanian.”

What a great barometer of interest! I guess the person on the other end of the phone took that as a good thing (assuming the dude loved Lithuanian I guess), and continued the lesson, but they were wrong.

“Listen, learning Lithuanian is number nine hundred on my list of things to do. This bean thing? It's lower than that on the list. So you can stop now.”

I don't know if that's very funny but it was amusing at the time.