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Parks and paints

I had a really nice morning on the whole. Taking these painkillers and having figured out a pretty good way of wrapping my leg to deal with what I assume are nerve regrowth pains is nice because it gives me periods where the amount of pain I'm in is probably about a third what I'm used to which is really, really, really nice… But when I unwrap and/or am not on painkillers, it's hugely more painful than usually (I guess it messes with tolerance). So I don't know whether it's better to be in mid-range pain all the time, or whether it's better to alternate between low-range and high-range stuff. I guess that's like asking whether it's better to be clinically depressed or to be bipolar.

Anyway… I am going to go lie down for a while, then get some groceries, maybe paint a bit more, and fantasize about leg chop-offing… Well, let's add four thousand words to this entry, if pictures really do count for that much.

The warmth of the sun vs. Rainbows

I know it's generally considered a fairly corny painting, but I started on a painting inspired by Sir John Everett Millais's The Blind Girl (1856). I am however probably leaving out the butterfly. I'm very happy with how my work has progressed over the last year or so and am starting to feel a lot more confident in sharing the paintings publicly…

I forgot to make a 4/20 post


Figure it out

Now, I've been warned not to post these photos because it just encourages an escalation in the amusement, but I have to say: stalkers (or whatever the right word here is) are tons of fun… at least until it goes terribly, terribly, terrrrribly wrong. I think I am still missing a few pieces in this puzzle:

Hopefully no pieces get lost in the mail…

Snowrail Design Work

The Snowrail is probably going to be built a little larger than my original sketches, because we're going with a V8 driveline rather than a the flat-four I'd originally considered, and allowing for more seating and storage. Here are a few prototype teaser sketches from the Bulgarian design team we're working with. The preliminary design work and scale prototyping is being done in Bulgaria and the construction and testing here in Canada.

And damn you global warming, please don't kill my company before we release our first toy. Anyway, let me know what you think of where we're going if you have an opinion one way or the other…

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