Monthly Archives: April 2007

I lost my phone

It's here somewhere but I don't know where.

I was offered a sewing machine (I haven't sewed since highschool) and some assistance, so I think I'm going to start converting all of my old (and now far over-sized) BME shirts into a big quilt… Maybe it'll hang as a tapestry, maybe it will be for lounging about. I really need a place with a fireplace or woodstove I think. Seriously, it sounds silly, but I really miss chopping wood.

The lost phone reminds me — I'm old enough (!) that the first phone we had on the farm was a party line, so we had to share it with the neighbors (I think we had different numbers, but they all calls rang all the phones and we couldn't talk at the same time, or something like that)… And local calls were only five digits long. It's funny thinking about how exciting things like call waiting were when they were rolled out, but how incredibly mundane and taken-for-granted they are now.

Skull Cracking

I got a teaser today of the really special year-end (as in 2006, not 2007) thank-you gifts… They're still being finished off, but here's what a small number of people are getting for all their help — they're solid bronze and are very heavy! I'm putting mine on the end of an also-solid steel cane, and it's going to be deadly.

(So I don't steal credit: My friend Sean made these — they were not sculpted by me).

Other than that, I'm losing it from physical discomfort. Really feel messed up. It's seriously taking every bit of self control to keep my mood under control. I'm alternating between really, really angry and really, really depressed. I really want this to be over soon and am counting the days until July (which is when my surgery is scheduled now — I wish I could do it sooner but for a myriad of reasons I can't). That said, other than incessant whining, mostly online, I hope I keep it all masked pretty well in real life.

From scribble to crazy animal

Nefarious and I usually have a few scratch-pad canvasses on the go that don't have any definitive plans that we can doodle and practice on. We did a bit of that this morning on the biggest of the bunch, and are soon sneaking off to the mall with Saira where I'm going to pick up the last bits for an Easter scavenger hunt (or whatever it's called when you get clues that lead you from one egg/prize to the next) and have lunch…

I might see if I can find some paper for my photo printer today. I always worry that one of these days I'm going to lose all of my digital photo archives before I print them for semi-permanent storage. It's funny — this generation documents itself incessantly with blogs and self-portraits of the hour, but because it's all held in digital form, all those moments could so easily be lost, and this could end up as a generation without a photo archive.

That orange is injured…

So I figured that I should deal with the various starting-to-go-bad food in the fridge by eating it. So I had noodles with scallops in a spicy blood orange and berry sauce. It turned out fairly well, but honestly, scallops and seafood in general are pretty much impossible to mess up I think.

Other than that I've been having over-the-top heart palpitations for the last eighteen hours or so. When I went to bed last night I was actually debating whether I ought to call 911 because it was pretty disturbing at the time (they're harmless usually, but I've never had anything like this before so I didn't know how to interpret it at the time)… Anyway, I guess it's not that abnormal and I'm sure many people reading this have experienced it tons of time — in my case, monitoring my pulse with my finger while it happens, my heart seems to stop for a beat or two, and then pounds really fast for about five beats, and then goes back to normal — so I'm trying not to worry about it and hoping it'll go away shortly.

Thanks for the ideas

Thanks for the various feature requests people have posted in the comment forum. Anyway… It's still snowing here, much to my surprise (I will be even more surprised if there's still snow on the ground tomorrow though) and work calls…

Plans for the remainder of the day include: programming, interview posting, image editing, playing games with Nefarious, cooking supper, watching Survivor, and maybe I'll download the seventh season premiere of Trailer Park Boys but I'll probably wait until Sunday when it actually airs.