Monthly Archives: April 2007

Ah, culture and intelligence

“Biter” writes in three funmail times to explain his “Middle European” (German in this case) superiority over the “Amerikans” on ModBlog… His argument is oh-so-convincing!

1. hahahahhaahahaha i laugh my ass off , hey you guy are on cheap drugs i guess, you now can pop your cheap pills without open your mouth:D:D:D:D screw a hole in your mouth so you can put your crappy drugs right in there :D:D:D when you are 40 or 50 ,(if you reach that level) you will look like a mixture of golum and a monkey with flaps all over and you can play twister with your earflaps :D:D:DD:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D hahahahahhaha its so funny , you are so stuuuuupid loooking

2. beautifull :D i am glad to tell you that just a couple of weird freaks would like to see that on the streets in everydays faces :D...its so sad that (this girl isnt the perfect example) beautifull girls ruin their body with crappy piercings tattoos and needles and brandings and what every you freaks invent in the future...why dont you all make mass suicide, the world you live in has no future :D i am glad to be a middle european with culture and intelligence, and not beeing a dumb and narrow minded pierced guy from amerika :D i laugh on you, you make my day happy every time i see new crap in here..lip plates :D ridiculus and so funny

3. i hope you all die in here, die now, die die die

That was unexpected

Yesterday's cloudy evening brought a surprise snowfall today (which explains not sleeping I hope). I doubt it will last though, but given how insanely hot it's been the last few days I really didn't believe the forecasts. I think I'm going to switch to full painkillers. I'm really having trouble dealing with it all.

I was at supper with friends yesterday and one says “oh, I have bronchitis” as they sit down across from Nefarious… who now has a cough. I do too, which is another reason that I should probably take some real painkillers, because I guess that bronchitis-type things are worse when you have a broken rib because the resistance to coughing can cause secondary infections to get worse.

Other than that, I've got to finish off rebuilding Phil's megacomputer…

It could be the weather

My pain level has been really insane over the last week. As well as the dull ache that's always there, it feels like something is pushing out, like a blister about to burst (or a piercing that's overstretched and torn) combined with a slow, constant sawing through the tendons. It really, really sucks. I have maybe three hours in the day where I can think straight and pretty much the rest of the time I'm wiped out from just trying to keep going. I really want this to be over soon because I really feel like I'm nearing my limits on it all. That said, I've been convinced every day that I can't deal with more, and then more comes and it's dealt with, so maybe it's not so bad.

Anyway, I don't really want to whine and I've been trying to keep it to a minimum and focus on new projects, BME work, and happy art to put up around town. I know that for me, it's little things that make me feel better — seeing something funny when I'm walking down the street, getting a silly or touching postcard, even the right casual touch or comment — so I hope that some of the things that I do help others in the same way.

Why oh why does my favorite kind of weather have to hurt so much!? Ha…

Don't kick your monitor

It's my feeling that if you take public spaces and use them to create art or otherwise manipulate them, you have a responsibility to make changes that will cause a net positive effect on those that encounter it, even if it's just a smile. Yeah, yeah, I know it's pretty corny, but this amused me…