Medical running around

So I went to get my leg x-rayed and the first clinic I went to was full for the day so I went to see if I could just get the x-ray but they wanted a referral. So then I went to another clinic for the referral (and discovered that my car had been towed and impounded, but that's another story). Roo came along, and the initial conversation with the doctor was kind of strange.

“Where did you meet your partner? On the internet?”

“Um… No… we work together…”

“Oh, like at a tattoo place? Are you here for your Hep-C test?”

“Um… No…”

That went on for a while and then he checked out my leg, which seems to have a hairline fracture on the fibula that I've been walking around on (not really a problem, and because of the nerve damage it's not too painful) and a bony growth from it that seems to be bonded to the bone. That got x-rayed mostly to take a snapshot of it in case it turns into a tumor as well I guess. I went to get it x-rayed at the place down the street but they had closed (they close at 1 in the afternoon) so I drove to the next closest one (all of this took about five hours). You can't really see anything in these pictures…

After I got the leg stuff done we had another funny talk…

“I have something else I need to ask you for help with but I'm not sure if you can… it's OK if you say no.”

“What, do you need a prescription for narcotics?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Sure, what do you need?”

I was really quite surprised because the walk-in clinics are not really supposed to give you prescriptions for narcotics (my painkillers), and I didn't even show any ID or anything. But it sure is nice to get that bird killed as well. While waiting for the prescription (which also took a while because there was a power blackout from the storm that took out the first pharmacy I went to) I took my blood pressure.

That's after two giant energy drinks and a massive coffee so it's a lot higher than usual (my pulse is normally about 55). Anyway… The day's done! No more wandering around! Time to eat something yummy and watch a movie and relax.

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