Time to eat

I'm going out to eat tonight at a friend's restaurant. Last night I went to Dee's with Jon and others which was nice, but I was really sore later in the night so I wandered around for a while, tried to pass the time with something semi-productive, and then eventually went to bed around five…

Anyway, on the way to supper I'm going to stop at Toys'R'Us or a dollar store or something to pick up a few “bags of bugs” (like plastic ants) because I have a project I want to do with them. Sometimes I wonder if these silly little street art projects are a waste of time, but at the least they do amuse me and make me feel better.

These postcards should be in California today. I have another series that I'm working on right now that's all kid's jokes (not pictured here — but I may post them in a week or two). If anyone wants to send me short kids' jokes that kindergarten-aged kids would think are funny (ie. “What do sea monsters eat?”“Fish and ships!”), please do!

Phil took these pictures of me yesterday, maybe for Tristan's painting series. I'm really sad because my tattoo appointment tomorrow got canceled because Shane hasn't had time to draw it (he's also in the “overworked” club) and I was really looking forward to it getting started… This means I probably won't be able to get tattooed until the fall because my surgery takes me out of commission in a couple weeks.

Other than that, Ryan just posted a picture of the BMEfest stickers he had made (seriously, get your ModProm ticket ASAP because we have to confirm our numbers with the caterers). I like how they turned out (they match the shirt as well):

Anyway. I'm going to go find me some plastic insects. I thought I was going to have time to do a little painting before I left but I seem to have rambled here for too long and killed the time.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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