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We saw lots of water snakes today. A kid that was at the beach that I was exploring with who was maybe ten or so (but with a ton of knowledge on the subject) found most of them as we walked the shore along the cliff face, and I took the pictures. This was one of the bigger ones.

you know the blunt needs hittin'

This bit of rap planning was found scrawled in the information booklet of the hotel I'm at…

Taking off

I am going to go have a shower, put some clothes in a bag, dump all the garbage out of my car, and go for a very, very long drive. I'm going to bring along my computer but I might be offline until tomorrow… both BME (well, almost — it will be shortly assuming the FTP was good) and ModBlog are updated.

Very, very tired right now but it will be nice to get some fresh air in the country.

Going for a drive may have been a bad idea

Sorry if there are typos and errors in this entry.

I'm sure it's all amplified by major stress and the terrible sweltering weather, but wow… I'm maxxed out on painkillers, added tranquilizers, alcohol (in the hopes that it'll amplify the effects), and a couple other things and my leg is still insanely painful — mostly in the lower leg, which makes me crazy because that's a complication from the biopsy, not from the tumor directly. When I got to the gym earlier today I skipped doing a warmup on the elliptical because I could feel the tendon popping over the tumor on every step. Ouch. Dunno what's up with that.

I'll know when my surgery is scheduled in about a week (in theory mid-July) and I have a pain appointment on Monday. Thanks to everyone who's been helping me out and keeping me company until then, and sorry if I'm more boring-slash-confused than usual.

My sister is teaching yoga in Toronto now… Maybe that would be a better solution to my problems.

Well, until then, I think I'll load up with a few more narcotics (don't worry — I am very aware of what's safe and what's not) and hope I can knock myself out. I really want to get out of the city. This heat combined with all the smog, stench from street repair, and general overpopulation reeks of poison and makes me very unhappy.

Other than that I was asked to orchestrate a hit in the Middle East today. Unfortunately (it's a good cause — I won't give the details, but it would be doing the world a service I think) I am simply not that well connected, nor am I willing to go do it myself! Seriously though, I do think that one of the things that keeps me from going truly suicidal during this physically unpleasant period is that as stressful as my life is, it is extremely interesting and amusing most of the time!

Paternity tests on TV are crazy

So I think my weekend vacation plans are scuttled… Last week the “last minute” sites had inclusive vacations in the Bahamas for about a hundred dollars, but now they're all six or seven times that much. Oh well. I think I'll do something though, even if just a road trip.

Too bad I can't drive to Africa. I had Kenyan beer last night…

Other than that I get the truck back today (finally) with any luck, which means I can run a few planned errands, and then maybe Roo and I will get the BMEvideo rework all done.