Monthly Archives: June 2007

What's brown and sticky?

I don't think I can take a lot more days along these lines… I can't even think straight from the pain. It's embarrassing because none of it's visible so I feel like I'm faking it or just making excuses even though I know I'm not. It really makes you feel like a loser when you can't interact properly with the world because of something invisible. I'm trying to do fun stuff like little animations and exploding ginger beer but it takes a lot of concentration to stay on track. Or lets say to keep from getting drunk and taking a nap on the tracks. Or something like that. Just two weeks until surgery (probably).

Anyway, everyone be sure to thank Phil when you see him running around this week because he's almost single-handedly organized all of the major events of the week. They would not have happened without tons of hard work on his part.

Other than that, sorry about the confusion with ModBlog today; we were experimenting with a new layout prematurely. Oh, and my truck is out of commission. I'm 95% sure that the mechanic that had it maliciously damaged it. I hate having to debate whether someone is malicious or incompetent — and I'm not sure which is worse. The work is “guaranteed” but really, I don't want to bring it back to a dude that either fucked it up on purpose, or fucked it up because he's a drunk idiot.


Flippy Guy Flipbook

I took my basically broken and now totally broken scanner apart (so now it's at best an abstract camera) and turned it into a light table. So I drew this silly little animated loop. YouTube kind of overcompressed it I'm afraid; if you want to download an undercompressed version here's a WMV.

(Audio Credit: Eyeball Skeleton)

Ginger Beer Experiment #1

So I asked my sister to film me opening my first bottle of DIY ginger beer. As you'll see, I may have used a little bit too much yeast. Other than some of the over-yeasting affecting the taste, it actually did work though and tasted alright…

Don't make funny of my messy (and now also sticky) house…

Ask me about my colon

In about an hour I will be killed by either an exploding bottle of DIY ginger beer, or an extremely irate car owner from my neighborhood. Or both.

(they're just magnets by the way)

Lava is hot

Re: The entry below this one, holy hell are the bottles hard. I wonder if they will explode. I'm pretty sure that the US is convinced they will because a third carrier fleet has been moved into Lake Ontario with another on the way, and I'm not sure that folks in uniform will really revolt like they're being advised to by fired generals seeking to avoid nuclear apocalypse over a couple bottles of ginger beer…