Monthly Archives: June 2007

It's non-alcoholic

If this ginger beer turns out, I'll post the recipe in the next day or two. It's pretty simple but there are a ton of ways to do it so I want to fine tune things before I put my name behind it. Until then I'm going to continue my exploration of the depths of homoeroticism (it is Pride weekend after all here in Toronto) by watching tonight's live UFC event…

ModProm ticket sales end on MONDAY!

(This has also gone out as a broadcast)

You have until noon EST on Monday, June 25 to confirm your ModProm ticket! After that, there will be no way to get a ticket because Phil and I will have confirmed our numbers with the caterers. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TICKET! If you can not place your purchase online because you don't have a credit card, please email me.

I may have a small number of spots that I can give away (but no promises!). If you really want to come, and have a formal outfit of some type to wear, and really can't afford it, please email me and include why you want to come. If you're a regular BME supporter, I'll do my best to help. Write me ASAP though if you want to do that.

Other than that, will have the last minute details on it all. Now please go get your ticket before it's too late!

Connectivity troubles

My internet connection here has been very problematic. I think that the wireless adapter in my laptop may be failing but I'm not entirely sure. Either way, I'm online now, which is good because I have a whack of work to do this afternoon that I need to be connected for.

So no more doodling…

Got a better idea?

The back that I made for the BMEfest shirt (you can see the fronts an entry or two down from this one — it's the same as the stickers) is really plain. It just says “BMEfest 2007 – July 1 – Toronto, Canada” in a sort of futuristic font. I was going to draw something but it's not compatible really with the front.

If you have a better idea and are feeling inspired enough to draw it (or type it), feel free to send it (single color only) today to at 300 DPI (that's Ryan's email). Oh yeah, and get your ModProm ticket now if you haven't already!

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