Monthly Archives: June 2007

Father's Day Happy Street Art

I forgot to put registration marks (since it's a three-layer stencil all done by hand) on them so outside of my regular sloppiness they're not particularly well aligned… But they were fun to make, and they're on the walking path next to the track that lots of little kids use so I hope someone enjoys them.

Rookaiju about half done

Click to zoom in if you'd like a closer view. I'd say the painting is about half to two thirds done at this point. I still have to re-paint the octopus to give it some volume and shine (which I've been procrastinating on) because it's still just the original undercoat, and then I'll reline it all again.

I've told my property manager that I want out of my lease. As soon as that is approved (which I hope will be no problem), I'm moving into a studio that can not only be built up as a proper BME office, but also to house various art projects that have far outgrown this house.

Other than that I can't stop thinking about getting something like a ShopBot CNC router… I'd love to make custom carved frames for all of my paintings, sculptural door frames and baseboards, and all the neat stuff a tool like that could create…

"We are 1.38" … Misfit in training!

Hahahaha…. A friend took a silly picture of another friend's baby so I made the picture into a stencil (and not to steal credit — the idea is not entirely mine). This was the first test spray and not really the perfect surface but I think it turned out alright. You can zoom in if you'd like with a click…

Getting Darker

I got tattooed for a while today (and broke an overhead fan, but that's another story) — Shane at King of Fools hit my blackwork collar tattoo again to get it ultrablack. In a week we start on the next panel of my “pleasure themed” torso! I can't wait!

Well, just about time for martinis…

I like the new shirt!

You've seen the ModProm shirts already and the Hookspotting shirts because both are available at BMEshop at present (along with full ModProm tickets*), but let me show you as well one of the first test prints for the BMEfest shirt as well:

On the back is going to be the ModProm martini list I think. Come to Phil's place tonight for the taste test event which will finalize exactly how we'll be doing the various drinks.

Other than that I've got a long physically stressful day — and not just the evening of martinis — starting at the gym and then a few hours of tattooing. We're hitting all the blackwork in my collar again, as well as doing the planning for my next torso panel, which hopefully will be lined before BMEfest (and certainly before my surgery). So yeah, I had a nice big breakfast of brown rice and tofu fried in pistachio oil with onion and garlic in a peanut sauce.

* Note: your shirt gets mailed to you, but you'll be getting an eTicket in your email.

PS. I'm out for the day, but there's lots of cool stuff getting added to over the remainder of the day and weekend.