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I hate the humidex

Hot day today… Again… I can't stand how sweltering Toronto is in the summer. It doesn't help that I'm walking around on a broken leg I guess. I was wondering whether my leg hurts or not — on one hand, I don't really think it does, because lots of people get minor tib/fib breaks and leave them untreated. But who knows.

In more pleasant news, this dish was pretty good and ultra-quick to make. It's okra and red onions and garlic in an easy sweet and sour sauce (some wildflower honey, some lemon, and a little chipotle chili powder), with some green onion as well (half tossed in at the last minute and half as a garnish). It's on brown rice with a bit of chili sauce.

That reminds me — Phil's posted the BMEfest martini list. It took me a minute to get the joke, but the “Piercer's Arm” martini is pretty funny… That said, I think I'll stick to the Christina, the Gelding, and the Sub-Tini…

Other than that, I think Saira and Michael are headed over for a drink. Who knows, they may be here before I finish this post even. Oh — and I want to re-paint my truck. Not really re-paint, but “accent” it, maybe with a stencil or something… I saw Smoking Aces the other day and liked the vibe of the car that the Tremors drive (not the look, just the vibe) so I kind of think I want to explore that realm.

If anyone has any ideas, feel free to doodle on it and send me the idea. Keep in mind that I'm all about Satan. I may just get trashed and spray paint '666' on the doors if I don't think of anything else, hahaha. Maybe do another skull mounting or something.

Edit: Sorry IAM is having trouble. It's overheating.

So many doctors

BME skulls

I have eight solid brass BME skulls (they're deadly weapons!) that are being given away to top contributors from 2006. These are ultra-limited edition, from a set of ten (two are being made into canes). If you are near the top of that top contributor list and you want one, please contact me about it so I know because I really want these to go to people who want them.


Yesterday we cut up about a hundred of my old BME shirts to make pieces for the quilt (if you don't recall, I'm taking all my old BME shirts that don't fit any more and turning them into a big quilt). There are 10″ and 6″ wide panels of varying lengths that'll be stitched into strips and then sewed into a complete blanket. A lot better than them rotting in my closet!

Mail Art

The mind of a four year old…

Shannon: “You should be sure to check your mail.”

Nefarious: “Why? Did you mail me something?”

Shannon: “Maybe!”

Nefarious: “What did you send me? Is it candy?

Shannon: “No, it's a surprise.”

I hope it's not too disappointing. These cards are not edible. They're part of a much larger set (these are my favorites from the first ones I drew — the fronts are Toronto tourist pictures). I think I'll do a couple dozen of these and then get started on the first book in earnest. I have two books written, I just have to sit down and ink them all…

I have this intense paranoia about them getting lost or stolen in the mail… I hope that does not come true!