Monthly Archives: June 2007

What a waste

So last Friday or whenever I made my doctor's appointment I literally wrote it all down at the time, and with a “witness” there as well. So I'm quite sure I didn't confabulate the whole thing or screw it up. Anyway, so I go in to my doctor's office and I'm like “Hi, I'm Shannon Larratt and I have a 3:40 appointment with Dr. S”, and they look at me like I'm an idiot and say something like, “yeah, we know who you are, but you don't have an appointment, and the doctor isn't even here today.”

I told them that all I needed was a doctor to write a refill for my pain medication prescription (which I barely take — I got a few week's worth in April and I'm just starting to run out now so it's not like I'm abusing it) and a referral for an x-ray because the swelling on my fibula kind of freaks me out and there's a lot of new “internal” pain in the bones. At first they're like “oh, this doctor has an opening, you can see them” but for some reason they changed their mind and were like “why don't you just wait until 5PM and go to the walk-in clinic when the main offices close?”

The walk-in is totally useless, because they can't write me a prescription for narcotics. They could refer me for an x-ray, but I could do that more easily at the walk-in that's in Phil's building a few blocks from here (and maybe I can get them to x-ray my hand as well for the magnetic implant article!). So anyway, I just left. It was a complete waste. Maybe I'll just try and figure out if I know anyone who sells pills — but it's a bit of a stretch because I don't really know that type of dealer.

I'm really, really sick of dealing with this and wish it would stop hurting.

PS. Did you know that ten years ago most telephones had cords?

Productive week ahead I hope

This is going to be a good week for interviews. The chat with Alvar (a scientist developing networked micro-scientists) is going to get posted, an interview by Ferg about Aboriginal culture and modification, as well as a fascinating set of interviews about the “day to day” life changes that a magnetic interview causes. All are top-notch reads I think.

I'm at the gym shortly and I have a doctor's appointment (or two) this afternoon, and I'd really like to go swimming (photo c/o Roo), but I'm going to fill in the gaps today with getting these interviews prepped. And I have a quilt to work on, some crocheting to practice, some kids books to work on, a couple postcards to send, and lots more… to say nothing of the BMEvideo overhaul!


Would you like one lump or two?

About two weeks ago I fell and landed on a corner of concrete (basically I fell out of a raised garage door/loading bay) with this concrete edge being struck with all my weight on my right fibula (ie. the littler bone in your lower leg). Even though I was wrapped up in a double tensor bandage, when I took it off later that day I discovered that the force of the fall had cut me through the bandage.

Anyway, that part of my leg has nerve damage, so I couldn't feel the injury specifically (the lower leg largely doesn't register touch and is in a semi-permanent phantom pain state) so it was hard to gauge its severity. It's pretty raised up, and there's a large mass under the surface that appears to be as hard as (as well as attached to) the bone. I kind of feel like it's a minor greenstick fracture (or whatever the right name a partial break is in adults) so I'm thinking I should have it x-rayed. Even though I don't have any feeling in it, if I touch the area much I feel really sick for the next little while.

It's probably all in my head (or maybe I just like getting x-rays)… But it wouldn't be the first time I ignored a broken bone and didn't bother treating it!

Just north of Beaver Lake, Ontario

You know, it was very pretty and all, but if you're going to advertise a property as “50 acres of waterfront with a good building site” you should probably qualify the statement if the truth of the matter is that it's 3 acres of EP-zoned land, 17 acres of swamp, and 30 acres of lake… Another family was there checking it out and seemed pretty let down as well.

I think that assuming I'm not some Sarno-style mental self abuser, I may have hurt my back somehow. Wow was that a difficult drive… We took a nice break at Ryan and Corrie's place and I lay on their lawn and played with dogs for an hour or two which I always enjoy immensely.