Monthly Archives: July 2007

Buy them one at a time!

This has been one of the craziest up and down weeks in the last few years — and I have a crazy up and down life in general! Lots of good stuff, and lots of stress and silly drama that hopefully will be over soon. But, better than a boring life, right? Maybe not. Maybe boring would be relaxing. Jajaja.

My eye is doing quite well still. It totally looks like a gnarly rotten zombie eye right now, I admit, but I'm just so thrilled with it (but I am very jealous of the amazing results that Josh got on his). Definitely one of my favorite things I've done in a long time modification-wise and I can't wait to do more!

Anyway, we're all just getting caught up after the time destruction of BMEfest/ModProm/etc and we're chewing through the image queue and all that, ModBlog should fire up again in earnest in the next couple days, and Jon and I are getting together tomorrow for a worksession to build some new toys and finish up the overhaul of ModBlog's look and feel (so yeah, you'll finally have a search function). And watch the fights of course.

Other than that, did you know that if you buy two Red Bull sodas that you are charged a $0.02 surcharge? Haha. Taurine addicts can't do math I guess because they're so wired.

Oh, and you may remember that Rachel's Lotus Elise got totaled. I sent her this card to make her feel better about it and it arrived so she said it was alright to post it (I couldn't before because it had to be a surprise).. She's off at an audition for some movie right now with Nefarious. Fingers crossed!

Well, time to pick up some woodworking tools that I've been meaning to get, do a little computer work, and watch some TV with Saira — who is training for her first marathon right now with Daniel, so if anyone's a runner and feels like sending her tips, I'm sure they'd be appreciated.

Eyeball Tattooing Update

I went to the hospital this morning (all very good results so far) for a check up. Click the picture of my ultra-dilated eye (because of drops) to find out more.

Nice email…

I just got this nice message from an old friend — “just out walking around the other night, thought this photo might make you smile” — it's true!

Another postcard

I guess Nefarious's first response to the “why is six afraid of seven? — because 7 8 9!” joke was “I'M NOT NINE!”… my next joke card is illustrated in a more explanatory manner so it's more clear for four-year-old humor receptors.

Three blue eyes

Jajajaja, thanks Lane for this shot of the three of us with our gonzo practitioner after our procedures… We all look pretty wiped out! Anyway, now I really am going to bed.