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Tattoo Gun

I was thinking it might be fun to make a tattoo gun. Not a tattoo machine, but a real tattoo gun. I think if you took a small disc (like a half an inch or three quarters of an inch across), and then drilled a design in it, and mounted 29ga syringe needles in that (almost like making a miniature bed of nails), and then put that into an ink plunger/resevoir, with the whole thing mounted on a front-weighted dart, you should be able to shoot it out of an air gun (for example, a modified paintball gun) and tattoo people with simple logos from a distance.

None of the components would be particularly tricky to put together, and who knows, there may be a market for it in the New World Order… I'm sure that the cops would love a way to permanently tag protesters. Either way it would be kind of funny…

Well, I'm done for the day.

Old kitcars

I know it doesn't have a pedigree or anything, and is really just a dunebuggy pretending to be a concept car exotic, but I've got such a soft spot for the Invader GTThis one is “$2500 OBO”… If someone had the time to just slightly retool the lines of this car it would be really amazing.

Yay! My doctor took photos!

Matthew 5:30 – And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

Click through for a second gory photo if you want… I'll tell my hospital stories (an amazing blind piano player on my ward, my roommates' sad tales, my nice nurses and catheter fun, and so on) tomorrow because I'm too wiped out and sore right now but I'm back home and super drugged up. Thanks to Caitlin for coming and taking care of me at the hospital and bringing me food, and thanks Phil and Jordan for coming to visit with her as well.

When I was born…

Because of all the uproar about it recently, I'm working on some more up-to-date interviews on large scale voluntary ampuations today. As I've been getting back into more of that sort of writing, I almost want to start a new site just for interviews because there are getting to be a lot of non-body modification people I want to chat with as well… I'd still post the body modification ones on BME as well, but I think I might run with an “Interesting People” type magazine that Jon Cobb and I talked about starting back in 1997 but never got around to… It would be nice to have a place to file other things.

Anyway, I was wondering what music might have been on the radio the day I was born, so I looked up the Canadian charts for September 29, 1973 (thus the video above), and they include the some following songs in the Top 30 according to 1050-CHUM (YouTube links)…

I wonder how much the hits of ones birthday define one's life?

Well, back to work now…

Next: Post an experience udpate

I still have to do some “real” work today — an experience update and some interview stuff, but because my nephew Milo is my broken-limb buddy right now, I thought I'd make him a little get well card. He tells me that he's going to have to wear his cast for “more than ten days!”… I hate wearing a cast — the longest I've ever had one on is a day, after which I cut it off and largely just ignored the break. Probably not the best idea, but like I said, I hate casts.