Pain Solves Everything!

Since the IAM server appears to be in a world of (overheating) pain today, let me write a pain entry I've been thinking about for a few days.

As you may remember, I stopped taking the Lyrica which was prescribed to stop the rather extremely unpleasant neuropathic pain that I've had in my leg since the nerve damage was done during the biopsy, because I didn't like the side effects and it wasn't particularly effective anyway. That said, I still do have to deal with the pain somehow!

It's my thought that pain disorders of this type are both a human disorder (as in not existent in animals) and a modern disorder… I don't think they manifested themselves in the past with the frequency they do today. I thought as well about how CBT enthusiasts retrain their nervous systems to experience pain as pleasure, as well as other cases where one learns to reinterpret sensations (even the magnetic implants I suppose)… And my theory is that these disorders are a modern phenomena because in the past (and in animals) one was more likely to just “keep going” and even though there would be a period of elevated pain, the nervous system would eventually retrain itself as the body realized that no harm was coming to it. I also think that because we live in a “victim society” where everyone is taught to avoid pain, and to wallow in their medical issues and center ones life around them, we are not only not healing properly, but we're actually causing neuropathic disorders to amplify.

So I've been playing out that theory by just trying to use my leg completely as normal, putting it in situations that are extremely painful (but not at all harmful), and just going on as if everything is fine — which when it comes down to it, it is. It's definitely not fun, but I do believe that it's working. If it's rough I take some narcotic pain killers which have minimal effect on the neuropathic pain, but help keep me in a good mood because they're also euphoric opiates, and I'd say that my pain level in terms of skin sensations and so on have definitely improved a bit so far… I think it'll continue in that direction over the next few months, but we'll see…

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