Recent food… A long boring entry

Pardon the typos! I'm tired and don't feel like proof-reading this!

Tomorrow Nefarious starts at school again — this will be her first year riding the school bus! Quite exciting! I'll be using that time tomorrow to get a nice voluntary amputation article posted and start the move of the experience system to a new server (it's still hosted on my first IIS server, so it's being insanely over-charged for). But until then, some meals I've cooked recently:

That's a coconut korma chicken, although I guess it's not a real korma because I didn't include any yogurt in it. And admittedly noodles, let alone thai-style noodles, are not particularly common in Indian cooking!

The korma was a few days ago, but speaking of those thai noodles (and almost exactly matching the previous dish visually!), I used the remainder of the package today in a shrimp phad thai, although it was also admittedly rather un-authentic given the lack of many key ingredients such as peanuts and eggs, and the fairly heavy sauce. Sort of a phad thai made at a greasy spoon or something…

Lest you think everything looks exactly the same (I admit that I'm not particularly creative as a cook… I need to expand my horizons pretty badly because I'm starting to get bored), last night I had a light dish of veggies, chicken, and basmati rice dish with a sweet dijon sauce…

The last three (I think) days have been — by request — crepe breakfasts, which have been eaten quickly, en masse, and with no complaints whatsoever! And it's a dish that I have a little helper for as well. Nefarious has been helping me cook them since she was about two and a half.

Other than that, Nefarious got a plant for her room… I believe it's been named “Julie”.

Oh, and I finally got around to ordering a bunch of unpainted Russian nesting doll blanks today — ever since I saw the great ones posted at the Wurst Gallery I've been meaning to get a few sets for Nefarious and I to paint… We'll have them later this month so they'll be my birthday present to myself.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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