Monthly Archives: September 2007

Better than expected

Well, the move seems to have gone quite well. We never did figure out the encoding issue — for some reason we just couldn't cause the IAM software to spawn the mime64 encoder — but I replaced the spawned utility with an internal base64 encoding function written in pure assembly that's ultra fast and efficient and it seems to be working nicely.

Anyway, here is how I was expecting the move would go…

Luckily things went better.

Nefarious is visiting her cousins and grandmother and great grandmother for the next couple days so I have the night off… Woo-woo for being able to sleep in!!!

First Post

This blog will document the journey toward a new and better life and related and not-so-related thoughts… A place to record adventures in homesteading, as well as various creations along the way. The pictures from this entry are from the wondeful and inspiring (and unfortunately out of print) 1971 classic, The Ex-Urbanite’s Complete & Illustrated Easy Does-It First Time Farmer’s Guide: A Useful Book by William Kaysing, which I’ll post a full review of in the future.



Scary Halloween Scene

Nefarious might visit them on the weekend at my grandmother's house, so I'm working to get the painting that my nephew sketched for me done before she has to leave… I think it will be too frightening for him, although he did draw it!

PS. Healing vibes to Phil who's having/had surgery today…

Art and Food…

I asked Nefarious what she wanted for supper and she told me, “mushrooms, shrimp, mango juice, and noodles” — so that's basically what I did. Other than that, there were some green onions, grape tomatoes, garlic, and lime juice, and spices were limited to salt, chives, mustard seed, soy sauce, and chives, and it was fried in sesame oil… So I guess it's mushroom shrimp noodles in a mango reduction — pretty close to the request.

Tomorrow morning I'm making blueberry pancakes for breakfast… I can't wait!

I did a little painting as well on the Halloween themed one that's being done for my nephew. I hear he gets scared of stuff on the wall though — sometimes the Spiderman poster in his room has to get taken down because it freaks him out — so I hope that him being the creative mind behind the design reduces the scariness! If not I will have to build it with a cover integrated into the frame, haha.

I also wanted to say that if you're looking for things to do during the IAM downtime (starting Wednesday afternoon), please consider registering for the BME encyclopedia and helping out there. If you haven't already registered, you will need to do that now because you won't be able to when IAM is offline.

Work and Play

Doing the Habakuk interview really made me think about Africa again. I'd love to have a little farm, a satellite link to work, and a bunch of paint, out far away from things like the chemical factory across the tracks from where I live that's being “cleaned” and thus stinking up this neighborhood with toxic fumes for months… Like the old proverb says, “When the sun rises, I go to work. When the sun goes down, I take my rest. I dig the well from which I drink, I farm the soil that yields my food. I share creation, Kings can do no more.”

PS. this is a great underground house… One day!