Monthly Archives: December 2007

Another One Hour Painting

I don’t really like the way this turned out… I may do another kitty-cat in robes to atone for my errors here at a later date.


Owl’s Adventure II

As a sort of part two to the Owl’s Adventure, I painted another in the same series, on some sort of cardboard/masonite stuff (in acrylic) I had lying around that I usually use as a backing material when I make frames. I think I might do the next one as an underwater scene with some sort of submarine contraption that matches the kid’s party balloon airship…


Gingerbread Ambition

Caitlin and I braved the Toronto blizzard this morning…


…and went out for breakfast and to pick up supplies to make a few sheets of gingerbread house dough. I can’t wait for tomorrow when Nefarious and I will assemble it (after tons of sledding and/or skating), and then on Tuesday we’ll decorate it, but here’s the cardboard stencil I made. It’s relatively complex so I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew with this design.


A Simple Clock (Updated)

Nefarious and I made a clock today since other than the stove and microwave, we don’t have one downstairs. I put it together and she painted the numbers..

I will probably still do a repaint of it, leaving her numbers but adding a picture of some sort. I’ve decided that I’m going to line the letters so they hover “above” the painting, and then I’m going to paint one of my lizardy guys looking at his watch, with the hands of the clock being the hands of his watch… I’ll post the finished version in a couple days.


Update: We added the background this morning (and are now off to go ice skating to celebrate)…


Owl’s Adventure

A la “you can always make something out of nothing,” this small painting is done on a scrap canvas that I had been using as a palette on which I’d been mixing acrylics for another painting — thus the random background pattern. The frame is some cheap edging that I bought and stained, so it cost me just a few dollars. Click for a closer look as always (the full-size one is quite big).

Edit: I should note that I ripped off the idea of drawing an owl from Caitlin who is doing a painting with an owl in it, so when she posts that, in chronological terms, her owl came first…