Phoenixical entry number two

Whew! What a forgetful day I've had. I locked my keys in my truck, so after Nefarious and I were done at the park we had to call a towtruck to pop my lock. After we got to the park we took a break to eat a bunch of cinnamon bread that Caitlin baked so it broke my normal key-handling rhythm I guess… I debated searching the park for bits to pop the lock, but it was already getting late.

A while back I drew up a bloody “remix” for the Hanya shirt designed by Johann by request — this one I believe is hitting the presses in the next few days (watch Ryan's page).

I'll link to it when it does. Also, check out Ryan's page for a new monthly contest for BMEshop gift certificates he's running if you haven't already seen. I'll insert the details onto the main pages shortly for those reading this that aren't IAM members.

Anyway, I'm stuffed from spaghetti, and watching the primaries (looking good for Obama) until this crazy season of Big Brother 9 starts up again. Our theory for the various reality shows on right now is that the current agreed-upon formula for casting is to choose the dumbest A-types one can find to make “good” TV. Definitely one of the stranger BB and Survivor seasons…

I feel like the writers coming back from strike… Very rusty! Blogging one's personal life is quite different from writing ModBlog or doing interviews! I think tomorrow I will post my very, very short prison diaries.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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