Caitlin and I went and say Doomsday today on account of me being a sucker for anything post-apocalypse… a pretty good mix of Escape From NY exile, tattooed Mad Max-style rat-bike riding bad guys, evil Republican-types, lots of gore, and my favorite — plague. The tattoos were fairly poorly done technically (they looked more like body paint), but were great stylistically (including a girl that reminded me a lot of Insectavora from Coney Island Sideshow), and the scarification was nicely done.

There were some very strange people seated around us in the theatre. There was a couple in front of us that had a big fight before the movie, and the guy had also bought a $8 tray of nachos, seemingly just for the cheese. Thoroughout the movie he laughed madly every time someone swore, and the people on either side of us cheered for every bit of gore, and another guy in front of us was wearing a wig and hid under a blanket the whole time… Then afterwards we went to the bookstore to look at magazines, but a Chinese guy that was camped out in the corner reading erupted a huge loud fart so we left.

The tattoos in the movie made me think more about an idea that I've had lately — in part from the “skullboy” interview — that tattooing is the ultimate nihilist movement. General feedback both on ModBlog and around the net seemed to often centre around the idea that he “gives tattooed people a bad name”, but I think that on some level, his “NO FUTURE” attitude is potentially on target. I see an aweful lot of people — arguably tens of thousands — of people getting body modifications from which there's no going back, that with only a slight shift in the permissiveness of society make life extremely difficult…

That said, if I'm to trust the movies, a slight shift in the viral landscape, and people with tattooed faces become the norm. Fingers crossed!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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