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So as I mentioned on ModBlog, I was in a minor car accident today… Before I tell that story, you should check out the interview that Veronika did with Zombie/Skullboy — it's quite amusing watching people posting who obviously don't understand that his goal is to be a Montreal punk… what, did you think he was going to be a doctor???

I had an early appointment with Nefarious, so we're driving along Wilson Ave and stop at a stoplight… And then… CRASH! A transport truck smashes into the back of us! After making sure that both Ari and I were alright, and that traffic around us was stopped, I got out to assess the damage. Thank god for giant off-road bumpers (1/4″ steel)! There's a tiny dent in the tip of my muffler, and a minuscule bit of paint is scratched on the bottom of my bumper, but no true damage whatsoever.

The driver of the truck made an excuse about how the pedals were too small for her feet, and the passenger nervously laughed, “we couldn't have picked a better vehicle to crash into!”, and we were all on our way. It definitely could have gone far worse than it did.

The appointment messed up school (field trip to Reptilia missed unfortunately), but we had fun doing lots of other things today, including finishing off the “Ocean Storm” painting (click that link for a better picture).

Nefarious also built a house out of cardboard — I was pretty impressed because I left the room for a minute, and when I got back, it was built. She told me it was based on our gingerbread house. We also played a reading game — as long as there are no special “rules”, she can sound out most three or four letter words. Amusingly, she got “fart” the fastest, although she initially read it “fartee” and laughed maniacally… Hey, before you call me a bad influence, the best way to keep a kid learning it to make it fun! While I cooked supper, she got out her paper and kept writing words (mostly the ones we'd done on the list, but new ones too) and reading them.

I have to decide what book(s) to bring to her school to read, because I'm scheduled to go in and be the reader of the day soon, which I'm immensely looking forward to. Little kids are super hilarious, so Caitlin and I go in and help at the school whenever we have the opportunity to.

Well, time to find some other funny things to post on ModBlog

I've never gotten into flamenco

c/o bb

Ocean Storm

On the way back from school and before the park today Nefarious and I stopped by the art store and she picked up a few canvasses and some paint (a purple metalflake acrylic and a bright pink) for her, and some wood panels for Caitlin and I. I didn't have much time to fit painting in today, but I do hope to finish Nefarious's creation by the end of the week.

Further proof that I am a sinner

So in the fall I was at the park throwing huge blocks of frozen snow onto the very thin ice to smash holes in it. I know it's not something you're supposed to do. I also sometimes feed the ducks, which is also on the forbidden list. Anyway, this 2×4 was in the water, near the edge where I could reach it, so I picked it up an threw in like a spear. It pierced the ice and sunk into the mud, and the following night the temperature dropped and it froze in place and has been there for the last four months. In my (rather limited) defense, it was already in the pond when I got there.

Anyway, it both cracks me up and fills me with guilt, like some telltale heart every time I go to the park.