Monthly Archives: March 2008

Billing, Space Ships

Well, the credit card processing that I set up for BMEvideo got hit with $150,000 in fines, so they're cutting back on edgy content like ours. Which means that until I've had the opportunity to set up new processing for it, today is probably the last day that you can get a membership. That said, I may take this opportunity to retool the site, so I'll try and look at the sunny side of this…

* * *

Nefarious drew this for me to paint today, which I'll finish over this week. The elements include a very, very wavy ocean, a singing bird, a princess angel, stars and a space station, the sun and moon, a spaceship taking off (which is on its way to the space station), a shark jumping out of the water, a sailboat with a star on the sail being sailed by the world's tallest snowman, a butterfly carrying two flowers, and Ursula and the Little Mermaid. Whew!

The trade I made her was that she could watch TVO for as long as it took me to paint the outline, so there are lots and lots of details!

Seal T-Shirt Design

I drew this t-shirt design quite a long time ago but just realized I never posted it…


Sinbad’s Fifth Voyage – II

Here’s how the painting is doing now — as you can see, I’ve added a large number of elements to it. Generally when I do a painting based on a classic, I like to do it pretty “straight”, and then add bits after I’ve started. Unfortunately my little camera doesn’t pick up many subtle colours, so in reality there are a lot of pale shades that just look white in this shot. Anyway, click it to zoom in.


A few more days of my life

It's funny — I'm not used to doing personal blogging it seems, so it's hard to find the time for it (not that it should be at the top of anyone's priority list)! I've been productive, and the latest painting is coming along quite well (as is the beard, which needs a cutting!). There's a clearer shot (more Lizard, less Shannon) of this painting as it stands now at my art blog.

As well as many other activities with Caitlin, I went skating again with Nefarious, perhaps for the last time this year as it's warming up quickly. The ice was actually quite spongy this most recent time. I figure we've put in at least thirty hours of skating this year — some weeks every day after school. Once she figured out the basics of twirling, it was irresistible. Joan and her daughter are joining us for Disney Princesses on Ice when it comes to town…

The very snowy winter has made me continue to think about the Snowrail project. I'd have a prototype built, but unfortunately unanticipated emergencies more than ate up my resources for doing that this year. So it's still no more real than scratches on paper and the occasional blob of fimo.

Finally, this is what happens when a hungry beagle visits.

An entry about other people

If you're looking for something fun to do today, my friend Jana (iam:Jana Falls) is having her first “non-amateur” fight tonight (Thursday March 13th) at the Gladstone here in Toronto. Visit her page or click the banner for more information.

Also, I just posted an interview with Allen Falkner, which is currently the headlining interview at BME/News — I'm really happy with how it turned out and highly recommend it.