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I'm not quite sure exactly how I achieved it, but I managed to slam my head in a car door this evening and gave myself a concussion (to say nothing of a huge bruise on my temple that made it hard to eat because it hurts to open my mouth). Yowch. I'm OK, but I'm going to put off posting stuff to ModBlog until tomorrow morning if I don't die in my sleep, haha (not likely)…

I put some wires on paintings today and hung them up around the house, and last night I finished off another… Now BB9 and wondering if McCain can get elected and kick-off the apocalypse.

Pollution vs Cancer

So there were two “map” stories on Digg recently; first one that showed the breakdown of colon cancer by state, and then one that mapped CO2 emissions… As you can see below, and as I'm sure is no surprise, they line up pretty closely. I have no doubt that you could line up any number of similarly unpleasant stats and draw a variety of conclusions, but the underlying reality is pretty clear no matter how you look at it — living in polluted, populated, industrialized environments is extremely unhealthy.


You know, usually the “green homes” that hit the mainstream blogs are pretty questionable — green, yes, but generally outrageously expensive. Part of what interests me about many of the technologies inside the “green” space is that they can be done without a mortgage on minimal savings and income. That's why I was quite happy to see this list of green homes which is pretty good throughout, and includes primarily methods than a person on a “drop out, tune in” life could achieve.

The only problem with these building methods is that there are less and less places that will legally let you build them. Building codes are both a way for lawyers to draw borders for lawsuit eligibility, and a way for “professionals” — corporate builders — to use the muscle of the legal system to restrict the right of people to build their own shelter on their own land… I don't think a building code has ever worked in the favor of someone looking to build their own green house.

Anyway, tons of birds out today on our two-plus hour hike… I'm really tired! I think I'm going to finish off the painting I recently posted, and crash out…

Trucks and Buggies and Mud

This fellow would like you to know that although he has fine, feminine features, he was born a male, so yes, those testicles are the genuine article. Not that he has a problem with transsexuals, but he isn't one of them.

The property we looked at today was very wet.

Probably a little too muddy to find a good building site…

I like these folks method of locomotion.

And here's Caitlin and me… I am definitely starting to look pretty old I think, haha, but at least as I age I seem to get jolly along with it (I think I need to go back to the gym… I put on some weight after my surgery).

Well, BB9, a night of sleep, and back to work.

Four-Panel Painting by Nefarious

A few days ago Nefarious hid under the table (which is where she goes to draw when she wants it to be a surprise) and created a four-panel drawing that turned out really wonderfully and I’ve been working on finishing for her. Panel #1 (top-left) is the sun and moon:


Panel #2 (top-right) she tells me is a house that we built ourselves:


Panel #4 (bottom-right) is me on the left, Caitlin in the middle (wearing a black nightgown), and Nefarious on the right.


Panel #3 (bottom-left), which I haven’t had a chance to fill in for her yet, is a princess being scared by a monster…