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Four-Panel, in progress

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A Culture of Pedophilia

So I was reading this absolutely disturbing article about parents that take their eight-year olds for pubic waxing as part of the general meme of parents living narcissistically through their kids with extravagant parties, designer clothes and spa trips, adult makeup and grooming, and other things best done long after puberty, if at all. The sexualization of youth — prepubescent youth — in general I think is one of the most negative trends in our culture, and the breakdown of the parent-child barrier with emotionally stunted parents narcissistically reliving their broken lives by forcing an adult-themed fetishized childhood on their kids is pretty vile stuff…

Kids naturally gravitate to “kids stuff” — building with blocks, stomping in the mud, making silly faces… They do not naturally in a healthy environment gravitate to obsessive grooming or haut couture clothing let alone sexual posturing — not to say little girls and little boys don't like playing dress-up, but that's very different; an element of fantasy and story telling more so than self-marketing. Kids certainly dream about being adults, and idolize adults and look to them for guidance as a part of growing up, but I don't believe adult behvaior brings them joy in any way. It's a pretty sad statement about the emotional maturity of parents — and I think the decay that urbanization and pervasive media has caused — when kids can't be kids.

That can't be safe…

I thought this old study from 1996 was great, claiming to confirm that the surest sign that someone is around by homosexual imagery is homophobia… Haha…

* * *

I was watching various videos (more, more) of DIY buggies, I think from Poland, made out of sometimes very structurally questionable bits of scrap metal and wrecked cars… Super fun… Hopefully we're going to go check out an 80 acre homestead up near Bobcaygeon this weekend, so it had me thinking about hillbillymobiles even more than usual.

New Book?

So I had to go to court this morning (which I have some truly hilarious stories about, which hopefully I will be in a position to tell one day) and it seems that at my last legal appointment the valet in the parking lot lost my front parking lot! Assuming the plate (which says “BMEZINE”) wasn't stolen, the valet must have lightly bumped the front bumper and knocked off the holder… I was all paranoid that I was going to get pulled over and be late, but as it turns out I was quite early.

Anyway, to kill time while I waited — there was a lot to kill — I read the new WIRED magazine, and there was something in it about on-demand printing… It got me thinking that I should republish the interviews that I've done for BME, and maybe a handful of things from ModBlog as well, and lay them out into a file that could be printed that way. As much as I love doing online publishing, I really like books, and personally prefer reading print than computer screens.

If anyone reading this wants to handle the grunt work of doing the layout and putting everything together, I'd be more than willing to split the profits… Write me if you're into the idea (

City Beasts

Nefarious and I have done a total of four hours of “hiking” in the last couple days — taking really long walks through the forest and climbing trees and so on. It's amazing how much wildlife we've seen… Today we were walking and saw a big brown rabbit in front of us, about the size of a large cat. It wasn't scared of us at all, and wasn't injured or acting strangely, other than being effectively tame which was strange to say the least. It hopped away leisurely and we walked behind it for about ten minutes… I actually think it might have been a pet rabbit that someone dumped in the forest, because I've never seen a wild rabbit behave like that.

We also watched geese stomping around in the half melted ice which was pretty funny, and they were really worked up in general and we saw quite a few violent fights between them also… Tons of birds were out, as well as the usual downtown beasts like ducks and squirrels and all that. Other than that, the yaks in the park really liked having their heads scratched.

I hope people enjoyed the Pig Latin on IAM this morning and didn't get too upset — I saw a couple pissy posts about it, haha, seriously, have a sense of humor and don't be so serious. The April Fools article was sort of last minute and I didn't predict just how hard it would be to Photoshop off a nose! I was kind of surprised anyone was fooled! Well, time to finish off the update I'm uploading tonight, play some five-button guitar, watch BB9, and go to bed.

I forgot my camera unfortunately… Of course I took that random picture at a different park in much warmer weather…