Monthly Archives: July 2008

When is the moon going to land?

One of the nice things here is rewiring my stereo, complete with a network interface from a friend so I can easily play all my old CDs (long since converted to MP3). The following brief conversation happened as we had Brian Eno’s Apollo playing.

Shannon: This music is for the moon landing.
Nefarious: When is the moon going to land????


Other than that I cooked a great meal today — rare tuna flank steak and a really light mix of green veggies (sugar snap peas, green beans, asparagus, and green onions) in garlic butter with cous cous. One of the best things I’ve made in a while, and incredibly simple and done in under ten minutes from start to finish.

Tomorrow morning the work begins on getting my Sterling on the road for the first time in its roughly thirty year life… A lot of people choose to modernize their kit cars when they do the builds so much later than when the car was first created, but I am of the mindset that it’s better to try and create it with the vision of the original designer, in the time of the original designer. I think I might go all-out and even do a classic paintjob.

Anyway, this is the view looking north from our apartment. It really is remarkably treed in every direction. It’s funny how from the ground a city can look so grey, but once you get up in the air, you see just how green it is. That’s fog in the photo by the way, not smog.

Oh, and quack again.

A Green City

Here’s the view looking down at the lake from Nefarious, Caitlin, and my new place. It’s much more suitable in size — and amenities… pool — than the previous place. It’s nice getting rid of a lot of junk, and perhaps the first step in moving toward a boat. I’ve got my dream eyes on a 48′ cat. Now that I’m not tied to work every hour of the day, why not spend a few years sailing around the world?

We’re not online until Sunday though… I am just back at the old house to get my guns. Figure I might as well put my high-up balcony to some good use, now that I’ve been inspired to become an assassin by watching Wanted. a few plates and odds and ends.

Sterling Kit Car Bought!

Time to do a bit more packing, and then another afternoon of swimming. We got diving darts — darts with propellers on the end so they slowly helicopter to the bottom. It’s pretty fun tossing them from end to end of the pool. Nefarious did her first dives — cannonballs — yesterday and has been bugging me to get her a snorkel, but I told her she has to be a better swimmer before I do that, because I know it’ll just mean lungfulls of water as she sinks under the surface.

And… Woo woo! The price was right so I bought that Sterling project car today. There are more pictures on my other site if you’re interested. It’s going to be a fair bit of work to finish, but I’m really thrilled about this car and am committed to doing a good job with it.

Oh, and WTF?

Female foreskin pictures???

Sterling for Shannon?

Spent more time in the pool with Ari today. Looooove having a pool! Well, it’s not mine, but hardly anyone else in the building uses it so it might as well be. Caitlin got Nefarious some googles, and I got her some flippers, and she’s been doing wonders teaching herself to swim.

So as I mentioned, the guy selling the Manta Mirage a few entries down from this one is asking way too much, so I let him know — politely — what it was worth (I paid $21k for my old one, and it was built around a Pantera driveline) and he sent me back a jackass email…

You’re wrong but go ahead and buy one for $10k and good luck with the money you save you will need it for the repairs when it breaks down constantly!!
P.S. now I don’t have to answer your stupid questions anymore.

Whatever, ahaha.

As luck would have it, there’s a project Sterling kit car that just came up for sale here in town at less than 1/10 the price. I’m going to go see it tomorrow morning and unless there’s something horribly wrong, I’ll buy it. I’ve wanted a Sterling since I was a kid, and there are only a few in Canada. I met the guy who runs the new Sterling company when Clive and I were in Carlisle a couple years ago, so I know that all the missing parts should be easy to replace and this could be an incredible car that I’d never let go.

It looks pretty rough in these pictures, but check out the gallery of completed ones. It’s very seventies, I know, but really one of the most striking cars out there. Cross your fingers for me!