Monthly Archives: July 2008

Tattoos are for girls

I added a cool “random thumbnails” feature that posts thumbnails for random entries from the past over in the sidebar, and also used it on Price Of His Toys to make a random kit car photo gallery page. I had actually started writing this myself to brush up my PHP skills and then noticed someone had already made a nice robust one, and got lazy.

Anyway, when I was picking Nefarious up from school/camp today, some of her friends (two little girls) were sitting at a picnic table with a jug of juice the teacher just brought them. One of them stuck their finger in it and tasted it and I pointed at her and said,

Me: “Hey! I saw that!”
Girl: “Don’t tell.”
Me: “It’ll be our secret.”
Girl: “Yeah, a girl’s secret!”
Me: “Hey, I’m not a girl!”
Girl: “You look like a girl.”
Me: “Why do you think I look like a girl?”
Girl: “Because you have tattoos, and girls have tattoos.”

In her defense, her mother is in the sideshow.

Did some more fiddling on my Peter Max-esque painting… It will change a lot of course before it’s done, but here’s where it’s at right now.

Toronto Festival of Fire Photos

Nefarious took a super long nap yesterday afternoon so we could all head down to the big Festival of Fire musical fireworks show… We parked down on the waterfront on one of the park lawns. People were getting $105 parking tickets, so I put an old one on my windshield and escaped penalty free… Today the plan is the Science Centre so hopefully she got enough sleep!