Body Modification as Anarchy

A brief excerpt from the new book:

I have the firm conviction that sex is the driving force of the living in general and that non-violent anarchy is the only valid governing system for human society … I am pleased with all my body mods, however clumsy they are. They are proof of my authenticity; of my being myself.

My body-mods are positive proof of my revolt against society at large. Against a de-humanizing, self-destructive humanity. I would rather act upon myself then be acted upon.


  1. Nicole wrote:

    I can’t wait to be able to read this in full. I wonder if it’s someone I know or have spoken to in the past.

    I miss the 80′s early 90′s.

    I’m intrigued by this interview but hope that you will have some female perspective sooner then later. We may not have as much to work with- per se…but some of us do make as much of it as possible.

    Can you probe into this further: Is this somthing needed/desired as an aspect of fulfillment in life with a partner?…sexual experiment/hightening of self and partner?

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  2. peteD3 wrote:

    wow, so awesome.

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  3. MissJanet wrote:

    As a “mainstream person” I feel kinda sad about what happened in the last years. My cool girlfriends all got heavy tattooed in the 90′s. And now? Everyone has a tribal. To be honest – right now ‘m glad that my only tattoo is a black point on my arm where my brother rammed a pencil into my arm when we were kids. As a woman in a left wing, post punk subculture, I have to explain my nonpierced, non tatttooed physical state all the time. I don’t even have the spiritual and emotional depth to cut myself. There is a lot of pressure and only a stupid and insensitive idiot like me remains unmarked from this heavy, sad, destructive life. eah, I’m a generation X person with no scars. Shit!

    Among me and my (old, grey and punk) friends there is this “art” of political uncorrect, brutal destructive humour which takes no prisoners, leaves you as a victim of any aspirations for greatness, but open, honest and free for the influences you once chose to allow to form you.

    Whew, it took so little to shock our parents, I’m glad for that.

    Nicole, I’m not sure what you are asking for, but regarding sexuality: when I was 18, a woman was pretty cool when she had an orgasm during sex from clitoral stimulation.

    Nowadays, a woman is a REAL, confident, wholesome and smart woman when she squirts (a liter of water that of course can’t be urine) from stimulating the g-spot, having an orgasm from anal sex without “cheating” as in clitoral stimulation and loves giving head so much that she comes when the male ejaculates in her (deep) throat… and of course no condome, you know, your man trusts you!

    Phew, I’m so glad that I’m old….

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  4. Nicolas wrote:

    yes all over the oxcidental world from what i expirience this is true, and makes me feel increasingly uneasy to see the mod world evolve into something that I am not entirely sure yet why I feel so uncomfortable with what I see… yes, for me mods are sexually driven, and i struggle with my own sexual identity and how mods tie into this; and then I think of the two ex boyfriends that had big stretched lobes and recently got them cut off/ closed. In both cases, it was clear that the desire for the mod was sexually driven, and then the removal was just another step in an identiy crisis; and this I find terrifying.

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  5. p7tms wrote:

    I doubt this will be read (since this entry is a bit old already) – but I’d like to see the day when there is a new form of body modification. It’s along the lines of the “cyberpunk” realm — biometal. I believe it is possible (and when it is created, it may help with replacing body parts that have worn out but cannot get a natural replacement (heck- it might keep the notion of rejection to a minimum without meds).
    I know that a biometal might sound crazy now ……however many years ago I came up with an idea/solution for body parts (figuring out the reason why/what causes spontaneous regeneration (such as in starfish)- and using it for people to regenerate their damaged parts) – and a scientist I talked to about this laughed at it. Well, within the last few years I have heard that there is currently research being done on this item. So who knows…. maybe biometal will be discovered soon too :)

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  6. p7tms wrote:

    btw- and my definition of the term “biometal” is a metal that can be used as a part of the body. One example would be flesh: metal and flesh have some similar characteristics.

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  7. Will wrote:

    Surprise! Someone is still reading this. Every time I hear about someone complaining that an idea they had was dismissed, I think of all the modern inventions that were conceived as impossible science fiction only to become a reality later. Moon rockets, voice computers, cell phones, fission/fusion power, robotic surgeons, and the list goes on. Who knows what the next year, decade, or century will bring — besides global warming :-}.

    Sunday, August 17, 2008 at 1:29 pm | Permalink

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