Monthly Archives: August 2008

Yes, this is still Earth

A few nights lately we’ve had awesome hazy electrical storms at sunset, giving us bizarre pink, purple, and (familiar) orange skies and other psychedelic-slash-apocalyptic skyscapes… My battery died before the strangest colors unfortunately. Nefarious and I biked to and from school today, and got a little rain on the way back — the thunderstorm killed off our swimming unfortunately, but I’ll go for a dip with Caitlin after I bike her to school in the morning.

Body Modification as Anarchy

A brief excerpt from the new book:

I have the firm conviction that sex is the driving force of the living in general and that non-violent anarchy is the only valid governing system for human society … I am pleased with all my body mods, however clumsy they are. They are proof of my authenticity; of my being myself.

My body-mods are positive proof of my revolt against society at large. Against a de-humanizing, self-destructive humanity. I would rather act upon myself then be acted upon.

ModCon book back in print

The order page is up now, but don’t order it yet unless you want to play dangerously. I’ve just ordered a copy for myself, and when it gets here I’ll post pictures to show the quality. This is a softcover version. Doing a hardcover version will require reformatting because the paper size is a little different, but I was able to upload the original PDF as is, so I figured I might as well not delay.

Click for more previews and the actual link.

Pizza Day

I did lots more interviewing and writing today. Due to the sheer volume of material that I have right now, I think that my plan now is going to be at least four books, in the following order:

  1. A literal reprint of the ModCon book (exactly as it was in the first edition)… In theory I could get this put up in a week or two. Some of the material in the book will be reused in the subsequent two, but they’re mostly new.
  2. A book about male genital modification. I’m aiming for about two months on this one.
  3. A more general book on body modification with more of a pop-culture focus. I’m aiming for six months on this one.
  4. A book about the history of modern body modification and my story with BME. There may be legal reasons why this can’t be published for now but I can at least get it written.

Other than that, whole wheat pizza dough.

Giants in a Rainstorm

Work on the book is progressing nicely and I’ve been compiling old and in-progress work and starting on a few new interviews as well… I’d say that I have around three hundred pages right now of text, with another two hundred on the way, to say nothing of a few hundred pages of pictures, so it’s going to be a big book, even with editing! I think I will narrow the focus of this book on male genital modification since that’s what 99% of the current interviews are about. It will also be primarily interview content, rather than photos and personal commentary. I have a second book on the go as well but I’ll talk about that later.

Nefarious’s swimming and chess both continue to improve. On chess, I play her as if she was an adult, so for now she can keep up but not win — I think that when one dumbs down a game of skill for a kid (that is, let them win), you produce someone that falls short of their potential… I do however explain all of my moves and strategy to her as we play, so she “gets” the game better every time. We’re taking the next two weeks off summer camp for various adventures before school resumes in the fall so that should be fun.

This is a family of giants out for a walk in the rain.