Monthly Archives: August 2008

ZenCLSH Updated (Again)

I added the last of the main requested features to my Zentastic Craiglist (and Kijiji) Search Harvester Tool, so you can now resize the search window to any size you’d like. I also made a few minor updates and bugfixes. Click the icon to jump to the “product” page…

Edit/Another Update: I just changed the text entry form for the filename to a combobox, making it much easier to manage multiple searches. Keep the suggestions coming if you think of anything…


No, I didn’t sustain some terrible chest injury… I just covered up with bandages so I didn’t have to swim with a shirt. Someone needs to bring “censor bandages” to market. I’m sure there are lots of people with tattoos that aren’t appropriate for all ages (or are politically awkward — white power tattoos and so on)… A simple black waterproof strip would be great. That said, we got kicked out of the pool after fifteen minutes today anyway because there was a thunderstorm and it was pouring pretty heavily.

Wild Blackberries

Saira and Michael and I went to out to Point Petre and Prince Edward County today (and ate a great meal at Michael Potter’s Harvest). Lots and lots of dead animals at the beach due to the storms, and at the end of our journey I found a big patch of wild blackberries that were a little sour and a lot delicious.

And now, too many pictures…

All ages want privacy

Caitlin and Ari and I were talking about Dora the Explorer and Rolie Polie Olie and all the other bland, watered-down stupidification-masquerading-as-education TV shows that are on the market these days, and thought about the many whacky shows that were on when Caitlin and I were kids (although already on the way out at that point)… Shows like Sigmund and the Sea Monsters and H.R. Pufnstuf (and the McDonalds commercial that ripped it off) — these are all YouTube links by the way; watch especially the first two if you have time — or Land of the Lost, Wonderbug, Bigfoot and Wildboy, Ghostbusters, The Bugaloos, Far Out Space Nuts, and more, to say nothing of well remembered shows like The Muppet Show.

Speaking of kids stuff, Nefarious put this sign up on her door today. She skipped the spaces between the words, so to translate, it says, “ARI – NO ONE ELSE COME IN.”

Anyway, here’s a video of Mama Cass on H.R. Pufnstuf singing “Different”…

Different is hard,
different is lonely,
different is trouble, for you only.
Different is heartache,
different is pain,
but I’d rather be different than be the same!

At first I’d wonder, what hex I was under.
What did I do to be so different?
Then I discovered some others like me.

Wonder no longer, together we’re stronger.
It’s not so bad to be different,
be true to yourself —
that’s what you must be!

I thought perhaps that people who were around in the early days of BME especially might appreciate that, as I think a lot of what happened in the body modification movement of the late eighties and early nineties, especially once the internet kicked in, was in that theme.

Fartwars FTW

I wasn’t expecting too much of a challenge on “hard”, and beat it on the first try without having to redo any songs… That said, I think it is harder than the rest of the series so far, and I figure it’ll take a few tries to get through “expert”… One thing I noticed playing it though, and I’m surprised I never noticed this before, is how disconcertingly similar the opening to Mercury Rev’s “Opus 40” is to Mott the Hoople’s “All The Young Dudes“…! If I wasn’t paying attention, I could almost get them mixed up in the intro.