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“Opening Up” Bod Mod Interview Book Received

I just got my softcover copy of the “Opening Up” book of interviews on body modification and it really turned out marvelously. I’m so happy with it! The print quality is really nice — including the numerous photos — and the binding and cover look good as well. A super library addition!!!

It comes in at a hefty 460 pages and about 250,000 words (wow, eh), so it’ll take you a while to get through this book. It contains the majority of interviews I did while running BME (other interviews and essays will be in a future book). At only $19.99 it’s definitely a deal I think — the biggest book of interviews on the subject that’s available from anyone. Click here to get your own copy in either hardcover or softcover (or download the PDF for free).

Here are some pictures of the softcover book I got in the mail today. Sorry about the glare in the shots of the cover. It’s a nice deep oxblood sort of colour and the bloody picture turned out perfectly.

Unique Gifts

I was thinking I might put together a few Christmas shopping entries… I have a lot of good suggestions for four to six year olds — books, games, etc… There’s also so much cool stuff these days on custom art/craft sites like etsy, that I hope people choose to get something one-of-a-kind instead of buying some lame wanna-be-unique item from the shelves of IKEA. One artist that I’ve always gotten a kick out of is Adee who makes custom dolls from your doodles among other things. Below are a few examples… I really think her stuff is a lot of fun and love the niche she plays in.

The Return of My Truck

My Cherokee is finally back on the road, with an 8″ lift and 35″ Boggers. Below are some pictures of it that we took at High Park. It’s great to have it back, and I’m very happy with the stage I’ve got it at right now… The rear tire holder is all custom fabricated, and we also added 5″ fender flares. Work was done by my old friend ‘Dr. J’, who also built my previous Jeep. Please consider buying some of my wares to help me pay for my truck habit! (The ModCon book is unfortunately back out of print, and I think will stay that way unless I commit to a full print run).

I was reading the Japancute blog TokyoBunnie and what I may have enjoyed most is the sidebar list of blogs, like Junkyard Sam and lots of other great artists that are working in the same general realm as myself. There are so many wonderful artist blogs!

Well, even though Nefarious and I are stuffed with sushi and brownies (I had a doctor’s appointment — disappointing as always — so I stopped in at Whole Foods for some treats), I’m going to cook a yummy meal (probably the perennial favorite — spaghetti) and get her packed and off to bed so that she’s well rested for nearly a week of much anticipated visit with her mother.

“Broken” Painting Work Continues

I’m working on my “just crawled out of my cave” look. I think it’s going well.

My new painting is on canvas, as I’m recycling some old paintings and scribbles that aren’t worth preserving. I’ve been mostly working on wood panels lately, which I far prefer… I don’t enjoy the texture of canvas, nor do I enjoy the “give”, and least of all I like how fragile they are — I like that I can toss around the wood panels and not worry that something I put it on is going to permanently deform the surface. I’m also experimenting a little with white-lining… so far I like it.

I may not post for a couple days so as to keep the new book on the front page.

Don’t think I have forgotten about you… or not done anything worth posting!

“The Princess”, A Short Story

Nefarious was jealous that I’ve been working on all these book projects, so before we got up (she was very bored this morning, having been checking on Caitlin and I every half hour from six-thirty onward… yes, we are very tired) she wrote this book and then had me use the computer to shrink the pages down so they could be bound into a mini-book for her dolls.

Kindergarten Writing Translation:

I am the queen.
I live in a castle.
I am a baby princess.
I am a witch. I am bad.
I am a princess.
The witch gave the princess a poison apple (“huuuuh…” — “die!”).
The princess falls into a deep sleep (“zzz… zz…”).
And the prince woke the princess.
And then they lived happily ever after.

Disney’s marketing team wins again!

She’s moved on to exercising now… Wii Fit has been quite the hit.