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T-Shirts Added

So by popular demand, I added the bearded logo to my t-shirts page, as well as a really simple “rock band expert” shirt that I mostly just wanted to do up for myself. Did I mention my victory over Rock Band 2 at expert level? Woo woo. Anyway, thanks everyone for being patient with me in getting this added, and if you’re looking for the shirt pages in the future, you can always find a speed-link to them in the sidebar.

With all these shirts by the way you can customize them to order them on different styles or colors (although I have them set only to allow darker shirts because they use a different print/transfer process on light colors that I don’t like as much). The best shirt in my opinion is the owl one… but that’s just me.

Gawd, I’m really whoring myself out to afford a Christmas vacation!

If you know people who might like either these shirts or the book/calendar projects but aren’t regular readers, please do me a huge favor and let them know about these products… since I post so much these “advertising” type entries scroll off the front page pretty quick.

Zentastic Bearded Logo



The Opium Den

Work continues on this painting. There’s still a bunch of fine detail to line, and of course I may still change some colors and other stuff. But I’ll finish it in the next couple of days. By the way, if you haven’t already checked out the new 2009 calendars a couple entries down from this one, please do!

I’m actually not that happy with this piece — I think it’s too busy. It would have been better suited to a large painting (4’x6′ maybe), which I may revisit in the future. My next painting is going to be based on The Cure of Folly which I think will be far more successful. Check out Caitlin‘s latest project, some nesting dolls, on her page by the way — I think they turned out great!

Leaves and Smelt

First, for those that didn’t catch it, I posted two new 2009 calendars, a monthly art calendar of paintings, and a book-style weekly calendar of body modification stuff. They’re in the entry before this one.

Another good day today (with the exception of temporary hiccups, all my days are good)… I got busted up a bit at the gym (after running for ten minutes, my heart rate was nearly 170 — definitely felt delirious and nauseous — so I am looking forward to getting my basic fitness foundation rebuilt over the next weeks). Last time I spent a while at the gym I dropped down to a hundred and sixty pounds, which is my “trim and fit weight”. My goal this time around is to try and keep my weight up as high as I can. Oh, and if you’re wondering the handweb piercing did not cause a problem for squats, presses, rows, gremlins (I think that’s what Daniel called it — a miserable push-up/row/squat/press combo), or anything else…

We went to the park after school to play, and had the excellent of luck of not only running to a schoolmate and neighbor, but also some gigantic piles of leaves. Seriously huge.

For supper Nefarious helped me cook smelt (tiny little fish). Absolutely delicious — we poached them in a soy/lemon/butter sauce and the flesh just peeled off the spines and melted in our mouths. Soooooo good, and enough food to feed four (we stuffed ourselves) for $2.60. Smelt is a very inexpensive fish! I remember them from fundraising fish fries when I was a kid, and like them just as much as an adult.

2009 Calendars Posted

Click through on each picture for the full info and order page. The first is a body modification themed 2009 weekly calendar book, and the second is an art calendar based on some of my favorite paintings that I’ve done on my own and with Nefarious. Thanks everyone for continuing to support my projects.

The first:

And the second:

Muffins and Paint

Today was “snack day” for Nefarious at her school so we made some quick blueberry (and mini-kiss) muffins this morning, as well as a bowl of red grapes…

I’ve been pounding away at “The Opium Den” as well. Lining starts now, then I change the colors of anything that doesn’t look right, and finally treat it with a gloss coat — among other reasons, the paints I’ve used are of different gloss levels and transparencies and this will equalize it.