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Zazzle Shirts Received (“Review”)

I got my t-shirts from Zazzle today in the mail, and am happy to report that I’m more than satisfied with the quality. There is a very slight ghost border because of the underlay, and the designs are bright and crisp and nice and large. The owl shirt and the Zentastic shirt are especially nice. You can click here to visit my t-shirt page and get some for yourself — ahem, they would also make a nice present!

I’ll have the calendar project posted in the next couple of days as well.

Other than that, I spent the day at the hospital getting news I really did not want to get, so Nefarious and I chilled out with a movie (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron) and ate a double cheese and pineapple pizza that I made… On one hand I wanted to cancel because I really feel down about this medical BS — it really never seems to end — but tomorrow morning I have a meeting with a trainer friend at the gym to work out a new strength training regime that I hope will cheer me up.

Painting is going well also — I’ll post that tomorrow.

Below are photos of the actual shirts I received in the mail. As I said, I’m very happy with the quality and would recommend Zazzle to others thinking about printing shirts of their own designs.

Underwater Camera

I got myself an Olympus Stylus 1030 SW which is waterproof to thirty feet and shockproof. I picked it up for a snorkeling trip that Caitlin and I are taking, but today Nefarious and I tested it out in the pool — lots of fun! Among other things we put it on timer, set it on the bottom, and swam up to it for this first photo. More continue after the break.


On the subject of having it blown

Did I mention my sub-blog of “funny things Caitlin said today?”

S: You know, Obama would really have to mess up bad not to be a two-term President…

C: Yeah, like Clinton did at the end.

S: Huh? I don’t think Clinton blew it at all.

C: No, Lewinsky did that!


I decided not to do my “Opium Den” painting in monochrome after all. Nefarious had a sleepover at a classmate’s, so I had some time to work on it this morning. Sorry, the picture is blurry so it’s a little hard to make out. Not much so far but you get the idea.

Aerial Dance Class

Trapeze was lots of fun today… Seeing the fun, Caitlin is thinking about taking classes there as well (they have them for all ages). I was hoping to get Nefarious interested in Judo (it’s got plenty of tumbling) but haven’t managed to sell her on it yet.

Agro about budgets

I was reading this article about the development of “point-to-point” space travel, where for example you take off in New York, shoot up into space, and then come down in London. They say,

Give industry the money and this is going to happen. But it will need $1 billion.

It always bothers me when “$1 billion” or even higher numbers are tossed around as insurmountable. I mean, that’s 0.2% of the direct cost of the Iraq War so far. A tiny amount. Is this really what the goals of the world are? Think what a different place America would be — no, the planet would be — if $600 billion had been aggressively invested in research and development and science rather than in a pointless war… People seem to have high hopes about Obama’s science policies. Let’s hope they’re justified, because a shift in those priorities really could transform the human condition.

And grrr… These berries make me so mad!

Well, off to circus school…