Monthly Archives: December 2008

Crushed Frog Doodle Shirt

I was reading the Picture, J.W.E. blog and found some great pictures of dead frogs and it inspired me to create the t-shirt below. I haven’t had a chance to add it to my t-shirt shop yet officially, but if you click the picture you can order a copy now. By the way, if you order a shirt, I’d be thrilled if you emailed me a photo of yourself wearing it!


ADDED: Now it’s a series! Here’s another:


And one more:


Or maybe you would like all three on a single shirt? Sure, we can do that for you. The text is an in-joke between Nefarious, Catilin, and I. Enjoy. Now I’m going to bed. Designing shirts when I’m this tired makes me look bad.


Ahhhh, screw it. Here’s one last one:


Print on demand is the devil.

Late bedtime for a school night

Because Nefarious just has two nights left here before she has to visit her mother for a couple weeks for the holidays — although we have a wonderful beach vacation planned we’ll miss her like crazy — we’re packing in as much fun as possible… I promised her we’d go night skating so that was tonight’s plan. I’d hoped the fireplaces would be lit, but I guess they only do that on the weekends. I love skating up behind Nefarious as fast as I can and scooping her up by surprise and flying her through the air… but whatever we do, I always enjoy the skating.



Too Warm For Skating = A New Playground Discovered

We were going to go skating today but it was too warm so we drove past the rink and Nefarious passed out so I did a slow tour of the ports district, my favorite area of the downtown, while she slept. I discovered that even though the area is desolate and non-residential (ie. no kids live, play, or school anywhere near here), they’re just finishing off building an amazing playground with a massive “boat” play structure and a really incredible tensigrity climbing rig. It must have just been put up because the finishing touches like the portholes are still being cut. We also had sushi lunch at the awesome Asian T&T Supermarket down there, and afterwards Nefarious power washed my very, very muddy truck.

I had a terrible slip in the parking garage during our car washing, landing very unpleasantly on my hip… Thought momentarily I’d broken something but luckily my “indestructible with a few major exceptions” rule held and I felt better — and wetter — after a few minutes of lying in the muddy run off.

Cavalcade of Lights

Caitlin has a much better entry with a great picture of Nefarious and I on our “A+ Day.”

I love my family so much! I couldn’t wish for a better life.





Learning to Draw

I totally forgot about Nefarious’s trapese class this morning! Oops! But a good day anyway because on Caitlin‘s suggestion we went down to the ROM and did some life drawing. I think she did extremely well for a first attempt! Later it’s off to the fireworks, and I expect tomorrow we’ll go skating… I got long underwear to give myself a little more endurance for it.