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For those who are EASY

Nefarious has been super-good and earned watching the “My Little Pony” movie (a blast from the past), so I had a moment to fiddle with shirts before supper and reading… As you know I play Rock Band on EXPERT and have the shirt that matches (surprisingly or not, it’s a big seller for me), but Caitlin thought I should stop being so elitist and suggested I make a shirt for those who enjoy playing the game but have nothing to prove… so here’s a Rock Band on EASY shirt… Hahahaha…

I love Zazzle


Sleds and Blogs

Yes, another day of sledding. We went with a friend of hers who I think has never been sledding before (she moved here from Zimbabwe) and they had tons of fun (and since we used the smaller hill, it was less work for me). They especially liked riding my giant inflatable sled and having me twirl it for a crazy spinning-teacup ride down the slope.

For supper I grilled a whole bunch of baby red, orange, and yellow peppers, along with some cherry tomatoes and green onion in garlic couscous… I served this alongside sole fried in a lime and pomegranate sauce. Quite delicious! Today was one of the few weeknights that Caitlin doesn’t work late so I had the pleasure of cooking for her as well. I really want to get started on my cooking blog. Maybe that will be one of my missions for this weekend.


Speaking of blogs (and those of you who are friends of mine on — I’m “zentastic” there — already know this), I’m starting a new blog on chronic pain and all things pain… It’s got a great name that I’m glad wasn’t taken… Blog of Pain! One of the first things I want to write about there is self-cutting and other self-induced pain as a means of “treating” not emotional pain, but physical pain. That is, creating a manageable artificial pain to “distract” from an unmanageable chronic pain.

Fort Building and Sledding

Even though I’m not at the gym right now, I figure I’m still getting plenty of exercise. We had a nice snow today, and since it’s also quite warm (truly glorious weather that brings me such joy) we went to the park and built a large snow fort in the wet easy to roll snow. The fort was quite a bit bigger at it’s largest than any of the pictures show, and as the project progressed, more and more kids joined in both for the building and snowball-fight interludes. It’s a decent amount of work rolling all those snowballs and carrying them across the park to stack!

Afterwards she destroyed it, although due to the warmth it wasn’t really standing up so well anyway. I can’t imagine what a nightmare lump of ice it will be if the temperature drops tonight. Then up and down the hill over and over until it was very late… My legs were so sore by the end of it (to say nothing of a few tumbles), but it was beyond fun. Then Nefarious got to frolic in a hot bath while I cooked yet another hearty meal of spaghetti with a fresh tomato and veggie sauce. Another wonderful day.

I re-skinned my kit car blog today as well with a bit more traditional “blog” theme. It’s not so much an improvement as something that fixes the glitches that were making the blog not render right in some versions of IE (and even in Firefox at times), and since that site’s making me real money these days, I figure I should worry about usability.

Sledding at Lithuania Park

My Monday doctor’s appointment found me a very productive painkiller prescription finally. It’s a good thing, because I always do tons of physical activity with Nefarious (gotta offset the enormous meals I cook somehow), which can be draining without them… Today we spent about two hours running up and down the sled hill — sledding until well after dark. A while back we’d gotten her a new high-speed sled and she finally got to try it while and I used our old inflatable sled. There was also the fun of the other kids at the park — sharing rides, trading and comparing sleds, and so on.


I’m dealing right now with a delicate parenting conundrum… With a child that’s being raised in two households, how does one explain the use of corporal punishment (ie. spanking, mouth washing with soap, and such) in the household one has no control over it, without speaking ill of the other household? Any well-balanced advice is most definitely appreciated.

And to finish the entry on a high note, the ‘u’ key on my keyboard has started working again after being dead for a few weeks since I poured a cup of water on it… It’s been quite a headache, since I was operating by pasting a ‘u’ into the clipboard, and just hitting “CTRL+V” every time I needed it. I kid you not. Big headache. Even with all the oxycodone.

Ice Pirates

It’s so nice having Nefarious back home. After rolled up crepes and jam for breakfast, we headed down to the Natrel rink on the waterfront again for many hours of messing around and skating… We used our blades to chop blocks of snow/ice and Nefarious build herself a throne to watch the rink from, and we had tons of races. After that, off to our “secret” pirate ship park, and then to T&T for sushi lunch. We brought most of it back to share with Caitlin, but Nefarious ate a seaweed salad and some roe on the way home. The plan had been to go sledding as well, but it was nearly four by the time we were ready, and we ended up getting into video games instead… We played Wipeout HD (which she plays at the maximum possible speed), Rampage, and Mortal Kombat II (which we downloaded and had plenty of fun with after she realized how much fun punching each other is in Rampage) — all in two player mode — and then Nefarious played Littlest Pet Shop (no interest in that one personally!!!) as I made supper, and then we finished reading one of the books she got for Christmas before bed.

Tomorrow it’s back to school for her, and I’m back at the doctor’s office… I’m going to try and change my family doctor, because my current/old doctor treats me like a junkie and it just makes the whole process of getting help much more unpleasant if I’m in effect being demeaned for it. She’s on vacation, and the doctor substituting for has been really good so I’m going to try and swap permanently.

Oh, and for fans of rare kit cars, I’ve posted some really great stuff on my kit car blog — the Warp 8, the Matula, and the Martare GT in the last few days… I still need to fix the layout though, as the site continues not to work right in Internet Explorer.